Job Opportunities for Communications Majors

Communications, in an academic sense, relate to the ways that people communicate, both through verbal and nonverbal messages. Communications degree programs focus on teaching students how people use messages and communication to generate messages and meanings in a number of ways including through the use of various contexts, media outlets, and cultures. Additionally, communications majors learn strong verbal communication and leadership skills. Degree programs and courses that are focused in communications prepare students with the knowledge, training, and skills needed to perform well in a number of career fields.

Communications majors often pursue business related professions as a mediator or arbitrator. A mediator or arbitrator is most generally known as a person who assists in negotiations and conflict resolution through a process known as mediation. Mediation takes place between differing parties and is used frequently in divorces, personal injury suits, and civil procedures. Mediator and arbitrators earn annual salary ranges between $34,264 and $89,386, according to Payscale.

Communications majors can also find job opportunities that are advertising related, such as a marketing specialist. Marketing specialists generally research and plan local or regional market conditions to determine whether the sales of a service or product will be profitable. To do so, marketing specialists gather statistics, competitor information, prices, and demand for the market. Marketing specialists earn annual income salary ranges between $35,426 and $51,999.

An editor is also a suitable occupation for a communications major. Editors perform a number of editorial duties including the lay out, indexing, and revision of content in materials before the final publication. Editors must have creative skills, as they work with various methods in publications including language, sound, images, and video. They correct errors and organize content, and earn annual salary ranges between $35,375 and $53,970.

Advertising and promotions managers commonly have communications backgrounds and degrees as well. They plan and direct advertising policies and procedures within their line of work, and are generally responsible for producing advertisements through the use of posters, coupons, banners, promotions, and in contests or games. Advertising and promotions managers earn an annual salary range between $33,557 and $66,730.

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