Not Going Ivy League Can Be Good for You

Many students dream of one day attending a prestigious Ivy League university. Yet getting into these schools can be incredibly difficult, and the vast majority of students who apply will find themselves attending other universities for their college education. While it might seem like a let-down at the time, not getting into an Ivy League school can actually be a good thing and could spell some great things both for your education and your career, in spite of not having that big name school on your resume.

For one thing, Ivy League schools, because they are private, are often incredibly expensive. Without extensive scholarships and grants, it can be difficult to cover the costs of tuition, let alone books and other college expenses. Unless you had scholarships to cover all of your educational costs, not going to an Ivy League school could be a blessing for your future finances. While having a prestigious education can be a good thing on a resume, it doesn’t guarantee a job or the ability to pay back all of those crazy loans you would have had to take out to afford to attend.

It’s also important to remember that name recognition isn’t everything. While it will probably never hurt your chances of going to grad school or getting a job, there are plenty of other less expensive and less exclusive schools that can provide a wonderful education as well. There are a wide variety of top-tier public and private universities that have a great education to offer students, and depending on your field, perhaps even better opportunities to explore and learn. If you’re choosing schools based on name recognition, you’re really cheating yourself out of some great learning opportunities as well.

Those opportunities are one of the most important things to take into consideration if you’re upset about not getting into an Ivy League school. For certain majors and professions, other schools can be excellent choices as well. They can have well-regarded professors, excellent resources and plenty to offer you often at a much lower cost. They’re often much more willing to experiment with new things and methods of learning as they don’t have the same expectations to meet as other schools. Some of the best schools in the nation aren’t Ivy League, and may be able to give you a better, more personal experience than the schools you thought you wanted to attend.

Going to an Ivy League school can be a great experience, but it isn’t the end of the world if you don’t end up being accepted. You’re bound to get a great education no matter where you go if you’re driven to succeed, take advantage of resources and opportunities and choose a school that’s a perfect match for you both personally and professionally– even if there’s not Ivy League status attached.

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