Keeping Your Space Clean at College

While the stereotype may not be entirely fair, college students and cleanliness aren’t two things that are often immediately associated with one another. As a student, you might not want to spend the time it takes to sweep your floor or put your papers away neatly, but cleaning and organizing your space can have some pretty big benefits. If you’d like to learn how to give your apartment or dorm room a clean sweep or to keep it neat and tidy from the get go, you’ll find it may take a lot less effort than you think.

The easiest way to keep your space clean? Don’t let cleaning tasks and clutter pile up. If you tackle the task of tidying up a little bit each day, it won’t ever seem overwhelming or like a complete chore. Do your best to put things back where they go as soon as you’re done with them. It might seem easier to just throw things on the floor or the bed, but your messiness can catch up with you and can translate into hours of work later on. Put away papers, hang up clothes and wash dishes right after you’ve used them to ensure your place of residence stays nice and clean.

You can also make keeping your space clean easier by pulling together a small caddy of cleaning supplies. These should include things like window cleaner, an all purpose cleaner, rubber gloves and the brushes, sponges and rags you need to use them. Additionally, make sure to pick up a broom and dustpan, a small vacuum and a toilet brush as well. These tools will ensure that you’re ready if not willing to clean when you need to do so. If you don’t have them on hand, cleaning can be a much bigger pain when you have to run out and stock up.

Why bother with all the effort of keeping your place clean? First, you’ll be helping keep yourself healthy. An unclean dorm room or apartment can harbor all kinds of bacteria, germs, mold and will likely attract bugs– something most students cringe at the thought of seeing anywhere near their sleeping or eating spaces. A clean room will help keep these nasty things at bay. It will also help you to focus on what you need to do. By keeping your room clear of clutter, you’ll be able to put aside worries about what a mess you’ve made and concentrate on the things that really matter, like your schoolwork.

Keeping your room or apartment clean might never be fun, but it can be easy if you attack in the right way and can help you be happier, healthier and more productive as a result.

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