Bullying in Colleg

You might think bullying stops when kids graduate from high school, or even elementary school, but the sad reality is that bullying can occur at any time in life and can sometimes be even more embarrassing, painful and upsetting to deal with as an adult or college student than as a child. Additionally, college students may feel like they have fewer places to seek recourse or help from those who are bullying them. As recent events have proven, through the deaths of college students who were bullied, harassed and humiliated on their college campuses, bullying is an issue that needs to be dealt with at all ages, not just in K-12.

While a good deal of bullying occurs face-to-face, the internet has played a big part in facilitating bullying at all ages, but especially with college students. It not only makes it easier and more accessible to attack those who are the targets of bullying but presents a way to spread the message to a wider audience and creates a permanent record for anyone to see of this bullying. Once upon a time it may have been humiliating enough to have been mocked to a small group of friends, but today, it’s possible to broadcast materials to millions of viewers in only a few minutes.

While the recent suicides of bullied students around the nation were indeed sad, they have sparked an increased interest in preventing and dealing with bullying at the college level. Colleges around the country have held roundtables, meetings and conferences to come up with ways to best combat bullying on their campuses, something some students see as a welcome turn of events. Many students have complained of colleges who ignored or brushed off their attempts to find help with bullying on campus, and the added support of not only administration but their peers may help to finally reduce the amount of bullying that goes on.

It’s sad that bullying is still such a prevalent part of our society, especially since so many tragic events over the past 15 years have been the result of students who were bullied at school. If you’re experiencing bullying at your college or even your workplace, don’t be afraid to take a stand and say something. There is always someone out there who will be willing to listen and help you even if not everyone sees your point of view so don’t let bullies get away with it. The more who are forced to account for their actions, the more who will be reluctant to start bullying from the get go.

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