50 Best Blogs for Linguistics Students

If you’re studying language, chances are you’re interested in doing some reading. You can do just that with a variety of linguistics blogs available online. These blogs offer a look into language, development, phonetics, grammar, and more. Read on to find 50 of the best blogs for linguistics students to read.


Stay up to date on linguistics with these blogs that offer news and information about the field.

  1. Noncompositional: Linguistics, languages, and linguistics around the world are covered on Noncompositional. (Recommended Post: No, yeah)
  2. The Linguistics Blog: The Linguistics Blog writes about daily happenings in the world of language. (Recommended Post: An End to Talking on the Phone)
  3. Lingformat: Lingformat shares the science of linguistics in the news. (Recommended Post: Talk to Your Babies)
  4. BLING: BLING is a newsblog in linguistics from the University of Chicago. (Recommended Post: Colloquia)
  5. Talk Wordy to Me: Talk Wordy to Me is all about the words. (Recommended Post: Misspelling on the Googel)
  6. A Walk in the Words: Take a linguistic tour in this blog. (Recommended Post: The Grocers’ Apostrophe)
  7. The Word Detective: The Word Detective discusses words and language in a humorous vein. (Recommended Post: If you mean “literal” literally, we should start lining up investors)
  8. Linguism: Linguism offers language in a word, as well as genealogy, music, and names. (Recommended Post: The Queen’s English Society)
  9. The Lousy Linguist: The Lousy Linguist has notes on linguistics and cognition. (Recommended Post: Word Frequency Lists)
  10. LanguageHat: LanguageHat offers insight into language. (Recommended Post: Culturally Backward)
  11. The Visual Linguist: This blog studies the visual language of comics. (Recommended Post: Cartoony vs. Realistic Images in the Brain)
  12. Games With Words: This blog makes it fun to play games with words. (Recommended Post: Video games, rotted brains, and book reviews)
  13. Metrolingua: Metrolingua loves language and talking to people. (Recommended Post: Hypocrites)
  14. Literal-Minded: Literal-Minded has linguistic commentary from a guy who takes things too literally. (Recommended Post: Whomever is Never Actually Right)
  15. Dictionary Evangelist: Learn about dictionary evangelism on this blog. (Recommended Post: Semicolon Appreciation Society)
  16. Wordlustitude: Wordlustitude is a dictionary of rare, raw, real words. (Recommended Post: self-confoozled)
  17. Replicated Typo: Replicated Typo is a blog about evolutionary linguistics and more. (Recommended Post: Alcohol Consumption affects Morphological Complexity)
  18. Arnold Zwicky’s Blog: Arnold’s blog is mostly about language. (Recommended Post: No Nouning!)
  19. Omniglot: Omniglot shares language-related musings. (Recommended Post: Old Irish Joke)
  20. The Language Lover’s Blog: This blogger is a lover of language. (Recommended Post: WHAT People?)
  21. Language Log: This blog from UPenn offers insight from a variety of regular contributors. (Recommended Post: Whose English?)
  22. Le Mot Juste: Le Mot Juste discusses the secretes of grammar and more. (Recommended Post: Voice Quality)
  23. Words are Delicious: This blog is about words, language, and content strategy. (Recommended Post: Measuring your content with user data)


Study specific languages and their development on these blogs.

  1. Hanzi Smatter: Hanzi Smatter is dedicated to the misuse of Chinese characters in Western culture. (Recommended Post: Strong Willed Woman)
  2. Dr. Goodword’s Language Blog: Learn about dictionaries, words, and more from Dr. Goodword. (Recommended Post: Like, Where Did This “Like” Come From?)
  3. Wordmall: Wordmall is a blog about the English language from Michael Sheehan Cedar, a retired English professor. (Recommended Post: Mistakenly Racist Terms)
  4. Pain in the English: Pain in the English provides a forum for the gray areas of the English language. (Recommended Post: Smileys and other emoticons within parentheses)
  5. Christopher Culver’s Linguistic Weblog: Christopher Culver’s blog emphasizes Indo-European, Turkic, and Finno-Ugarian/Uralic languages. (Recommended Post: Translating Chavain)
  6. Living Languages: Living Languages has a cyberbreath for language life. (Recommended Post: Language Policy and Aboriginal Languages of Taiwan)
  7. How to Learn Swedish in 1000 Difficult Lessons: Francis Strand can teach you Swedish. (Recommended Post: At Last Ice Has Melted Out)
  8. Separated by a Common Language: This American linguist in the UK offers observations on British and American English. (Recommended Post: Math(s))
  9. Genetic Linguistics: Genetic Linguistics discusses root, branch, and other languages. (Recommended Post: Proto-Germanic)
  10. Evolving English: This blog discusses how English has changed over the years. (Recommended Post: App-rehension)
  11. Greek Language and Linguistics: Understand the linguistics of the Greek language with this blog. (Recommended Post: Renaming the Greek “Middle” Voice?)

Educators & Students

On these blogs, you’ll find linguistics studies from educators and students alike.

  1. Jabal Al-Lughat: Lameen Souag is a student climbing the mountain of languages. (Recommended Post: No, Berber isn’t descended from Arabic)
  2. Kai von Fintel: This professor and dean at MIT discusses semantics and more. (Recommended Post: No head injury is too trivial to ignore)
  3. A CLIL 2 Climb: Find games and activities for language teaching on this blog.
  4. Found in Translation: Found in Translation is an open blog for students teachers and more, sharing a fascination with language. (Recommended Post: A Bit of Home)
  5. The Linguist: The Linguist believes that language learning should be fun. (Recommended Post: What to say when words fail you)
  6. Keywords: Kerim Friedman is an Assistant Professor at National Dong Hwa University. (Recommended Post: Wikitization)
  7. The New Sesquipedalian: The New Sesquipedalian is the Stanford linguistics newsletter. (Recommended Post: Linguistic Levity)
  8. Ryan’s Linguistics Blog: Ryan writes this blog with linguistics lessons. (Recommended Post: Apostrophe’s)
  9. What’s Happening in South College: The WHISC will keep you up to date on what’s happening in linguistics at UMass Amherst. (Recommended Post: (Recommended Post: Twenty-ten?)
  10. The Rosetta Project: This blog discusses the library of human language. (Recommended Post: Diaspora Sourcing)
  11. SLA Blog: Here you’ll find the official blog for the Society for Linguistic Anthropology. (Recommended Post: Linguistic Relativity, Whorf, Linguistic Anthropology)

Phonetics & Grammar

Read these blogs to study the finer details of language.

  1. Phonoloblog: Phonoloblog shares all things phonology. (Recommended Post: Accent Change)
  2. John Wells’s Phonetic Blog: John’s blog has everything to do with phonetics. (Recommended Posts: Nevada)
  3. Throw Grammar from the Train: You’ll find notes from a recovering nitpicker on this blog. (Recommended Post: The Pejoration of “Douchebag”)
  4. Motivated Grammar: Motivated Grammar believes that prescriptivism must die. (Recommended Post: Jealousy and Envy)
  5. Grammar Girl: Grammar Girl has quick and dirty grammar tips. (Recommended Post: Top Ten Grammar Myths)

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