Revising Towards a Better Grade

In some classes, your professor might have a policy that allows you to revise your work for a higher grade. These revision policies are most often seen in humanities courses, such as Literature and History; however, you might also see them in science courses, though they will work a little differently. You might, for example, have to redo a project rather than revise it. Either way, these policies give you a great opportunity to earn a higher grade and should not be overlooked.

Unfortunately, many students don’t revise their work because they’re happy with whatever grade they received. This is a fine attitude to have, especially if you’re doing good work; however, it doesn’t really take into account the greater context of school. In other words, a higher grade in one course could offset a lower grade in another course. So, students who don’t revise might miss out on the chance to play to their strengths in one course so they can take a loss in their weaker subjects.

That said, sometimes it makes sense to forego the extra work of revision in order to put more effort into a weaker course. Professors sometimes put a time limit on the revision, or ask for extensive reworking of the project, so students will have to evaluate whether or not the extra work is worth the higher grade. As with most things, students should make decisions as they see fit according to their specific needs.

The advantage of revision goes just beyond grades, however. In revising, students often have a better chance to work closely with a professor, thus building a stronger relationship with that professor. Having that connection can help a student’s grade in the course, sure, but it can also help the student benefit more directly from the professor’s knowledge and experience. Ideally, this is how most revisions will work out: both professor and student collaborate to create a better project and to learn together.

So what do you do if your professor doesn’t have a revision policy? Well, if you’d really like another chance at a project, you can always meet with the professor to see if he or she is willing to make an exception. Asking can’t hurt, and it’ll just show your professor that you care both about your grade and the course.

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