Online Courses Help Close the Divide Between Impoverished Nations

Visiting impoverished African or even South Asian nations can help us realize the vast gap that exists between finances, health, and education between our world and theirs.  This is not an easily remedied problem, but has had much help over the years from Western nations. However, schools still exist without water, without electricity, and with upwards of 1,000 students, ranging from the very young up to teenagers (many teenagers must leave school to help their parents work).  As Margee Ensign from the Huffington Post reported, there seems to be little hope in the way of education for these students, however, there is wireless internet access, as she discovered on her iPhone.

As a result, schools can theoretically log into one computer and communicate knowledge to their students through the many open classes schools like MIT and Harvard offer!  This is only the latest example of how closely related the globalized world is becoming.  While school thus far only have the basic necessities to teach (chalk and hopefully a chalkboard), introducing a computer into the mix can have vast repercussions and help speed the education levels up to that of the rest of the world.  It is not fair that these children have to suffer through lack of knowledge through no fault of their own when they already have to go through hardship after hardship.  Additionally, every student is eager to be at school and learn (a vast different from students in any American classroom).  Why shouldn’t we donate our technology to these countries as well as food and medicine?  It is as essential in a modern world as anything else.

Online courses have become the wave of the future, and the simple fact that a one-room school in the middle of Kenya has the potential to receive a wireless signal that can impart worlds of knowledge onto their students is a telling sign.  No longer do these students have to be shunned away from the possibility of a college career, but can instead learn from online AP courses or free online courses from the top American Ivy League schools: courses that are free and available to anybody with an online connection!  While the planners of online education did not consider these worldly advantages, they have emerged in a time where we need them the most.  Despite our own disputes about education in the United States, we need to ensure that children everywhere are exposed to the best level of educational standards.  With more and more studies indicating the growing benefits of online education, it seems like the perfect solution to at least one of the problems that plague these nations.  We must rely on world leaders to solve the others.

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