Online Islam Classes Bridge the Gap Between Traditional and Modern

By Angelita Williams

Online education has grown to a point in which students can pick an incredibly specific subject from nearly every online institution.  One of the most prominent subjects in recent years has been the increasing amount of online courses in Islam and Islam politics.  Our nation’s recent struggles to understand the religion of the Middle East has led to many degree programs that emerged in recent years and help explain the course of the religion and the politics behind it.

There are now many online schools that cater exclusively to students who wish to study Islam and the fascinating history of the culture.  Schools such as The Online Islamic Academy and Islamic Online University accept students from around the world and strive to educate their students on the intricacies of Islam.  The Online Islamic Academy includes a brief introduction to the distance-learning method of teaching and discusses the different forms of traditional Islamic learning, such as:
Students in the hot Mauritanian desert are reclining in nomadic tents, listening to their teacher exposit a classical treatise on Maliki law, meticulously taking notes on a clay tablet that they will later memorize rote and wipe clean.

However, the site goes on to reveal that knowledge does not have to be taught in any particular way or form, but exists as the internalization of various principles and the thread of inheritance, which is the metaphor used in the Qur’an to explain how knowledge is acquired. This school embodies the modern notion of this form of inheritance, and strives to teach its students the knowledge of Islam through technology, essentially bridging the gap between traditional and modern learning.

Islam and Islam politics are difficult concepts to grasp without first-hand knowledge of the background, which is why the implementation of the subject into online schools is that much more revolutionary.  Other courses that are offered through Studying Islam, allow students to complete courses at their leisure with no time restrictions.  Many of these programs understand the complexities that come with learning an ancient culture, and especially one which has become so diverse over the centuries.  The Islamic Online University has additionally joined many other prominent schools and has begun offering many free online courses in subjects such as Arabic or the Moral Foundations of Islamic Culture.  The internet has essentially opened up so many doors for this previously obscure culture (in the sense that most Western students would not have dreamed of studying it).  However, now students from around the world are offered the opportunity to study from renowned professors in Islam without traveling to Islamic countries. 

The internet seems set to expand these type of course offerings even further, as so many students are interested in a variety of subjects relating back to the religion and culture of Islam. 

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