Fun Online Courses

By Angelita Williams

While online schools and courses are typically to get you farther along in your degree path, there are some courses which can just be taken for fun and for realizing that school does not have to be entirely about seriousness.  There are courses in every online college that are solely to teach you things that you would not learn through a degree program.  Different from traditional electives, many of these course teach you things about home improvement, fashion, cooking and nutrition, or even art courses that do not require you to write extensive papers.

Every school offers a variety of these fun courses, although most typically do not go toward a degree, but instead offer the student time to relax and possibly earn a one-hour elective.  While some traditional schools offer these types of courses through their athletics program (eg. wine tasting at some public schools), but these courses are difficult to take through the internet.  Instead, online courses have begun to offer similar elective programs which allow students the chance to learn about a discipline without the stress of tests and papers.  Well, there might be tests, but they’ll be about as hard as that Yoga test you took at the end of your semester at public school (and that was not hard at all….namaste y’all?).

Everyone needs a bit of fun in their life, including throughout school, which means that most online schools have begun offering these fun online courses for students to focus on something that does not require hours of study.  While online courses are typically part of a degree program for most students, they can also just be taken at your leisure in order to develop some background knowledge about a particular subject.  Who wouldn’t want to get some additional knowledge about cooking or home improvement?  It isn’t worth taking extensive courses in, but the flexibility of online college has made such courses readily available for any student simply perusing the course offerings. 

Learning a little bit about a fun topic without the added stress of grades or tests is one of the better aspects of online college, in the sense that it draws students into the school without forcing them to decide on a degree program.  Simply learning an additional trade that may not lead to a career is fun in itself, especially when you know you do not have to do it every day, but only have to do it on your own schedule. 


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