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All Nighter’s Do’s and Don’ts

If you are exceptionally on top of your studies, you may never have to experience the all too iconic “all-nighter.” But if you do find yourself cramming for a test or need to stay up all night reading a chapter or finishing up a project, it’s important that you do this the right way. Continue […]

Worried About Finding a Job After Graduation? Create Your Own!

Twenty years ago, the formula "go to a good school, get a company job and you’re safe" worked when looking for a job after graduation. This generation of job-seekers, however, has seen first-hand that, no matter where you happen to be employed, your job is never really safe. In fact, not even a college degree […]

11 Ultimate Gadgets for the Foodie In Your Life

11 Ultimate Gadgets for the Foodie In Your Life

If you’ve got a foodie in your life, chances are you don’t quite know what they do in the kitchen, or how, but these gadgets can go a long way toward helping them out.

Cooking in College – How to Stretch the Dollars

If you’re living off-campus in college, you are already stretching your dollars to the max. Easy Mac and canned soup, however, aren’t going to cut it for the entire year. And you probably want to eat a little healthier than that, as well. Here are some ways to eat well at home without breaking the […]

Why You Should Do an Independent Project

Many students elect to do some form of independent work before they graduate. This can come in all forms. Students complete graduate theses, which are independent research projects, tailored to a specific topic within their majors. Students can also design their own independent study courses, creating a combination of disciplines and subject matter not available […]

Contesting an Exam Grade

While most grades you receive in college are set in stone, there may come a time when you feel you are unfairly or incorrectly graded. In all honesty professors don’t have to give you extra points, but if you contest your grade and approach your professor in the correct manner he or she may alter […]

40 Exhilarating Reads for Runners

40 Exhilarating Reads for Runners

Whether you’re just getting into running or are a devoted ultramarathoner, there’s always more to learn about this ancient means for exercise, transportation, and gathering food.

Why and When to Apply for Work-Study

Most students typically like to work and attend school simultaneously to put a few extra bucks in their pockets. But sometimes it can be difficult to find an employer that understands how to schedule you around your school hours. That’s why participating in a work-study program is a great option for those who want a […]

How To Interact With Your Professor In Public

Perhaps one of the weirdest experiences a college student can have is eventually running into his or her professor out in public, in some social context beyond the classroom. For many, such an experience can be terrifying. But once you get over the initial awkwardness, assuming your professor recognized you in the first place, you […]

A Guide To Your Professor’s House

If you’re lucky, your professor might throw your class a party at his house at the end of the semester. This usually happens for higher-level classes, when the professor knows his students well. So, if you happen to be in a class like that and your professor has an end-of-the-semester party for the class, then […]

Top 10 Museums for Tech Geeks

Top 10 Museums for Tech Geeks

Museums exist catering to nearly every interest imaginable, and technology and the sciences make up a rather significant niche.

Should You Go Greek or Stay Independent?

The first semester of college will bring with it a very important question: should you pledge or stay independent? You might have wondered about the many fraternity and sorority members walking around campus wearing their crazy shirts and manning tables in the student center. You might have talked a little bit with some other freshmen […]

All About Business School

Business schools and university programs allow students to learn a number of different skills and qualifications needed to pursue careers in a number of different fields. Most schools or universities have a school of business or offer business degree programs at their schools. Additionally, most business schools offer undergraduate and graduate programs. Many students attend […]

What To Do If You Are Accused Of Plagiarism

Almost every student has dealt with concerns over how to protect themselves against plagiarism. Every one of us has at one point or another worried about citing a source properly or covering our tracks when it comes to researching a complicated subject. But do all of us know how to really keep ourselves from getting […]

50 Free, Fabulous Tools for Mind-Mapping & Brainstorming

50 Free, Fabulous Tools for Mind-Mapping & Brainstorming

Whether you need to keep track of notes for an online college course or study group, manage a freelancing project, or just plan out long-term goals for yourself, here are 50 free — and fabulous — tools for mind-mapping and brainstorming.

Job Opportunities for Business Majors

Business degrees are becoming increasingly popular because of the diverse training and knowledge the programs offer students. Students that study and major in business are prepared for a number of different careers. Courses in business degree programs prepare students with the skills and training needed to excel in leadership and management positions, as well as […]

Job Opportunities for English Majors

English concentrated degrees give students knowledge on a number of concepts and principles relating to speech, communication, literature, business, and management. Courses in English degree programs teach students to analyze situations critically and communicate effectively. Students that major in English and earn their degrees are prepared with the skills and knowledge needed to perform in […]

Job Opportunities for Communications Majors

Communications, in an academic sense, relate to the ways that people communicate, both through verbal and nonverbal messages. Communications degree programs focus on teaching students how people use messages and communication to generate messages and meanings in a number of ways including through the use of various contexts, media outlets, and cultures. Additionally, communications majors […]

50 Best Food Blogs for the College Budget

50 Best Food Blogs for the College Budget

As these blogs prove, you can eat very well if you pay more attention to the foods you pick up at the grocery store, practice more sustainable eating habits, and learn to cook for yourself, even as a college student.

Speak Up During Your Internship

Your professors, advisors, parents and older siblings may have briefed you on what it’s like to be an intern. You need to walk in with low expectations for getting noticed or taking on any responsibility, but you have to dress like a CEO and mind your manners as if you were waiting in line for […]

Tips for Improving Your Reading Comprehension

One of the most important skills to have for success in school, work, and everyday life is reading comprehension. If you can effectively understand and remember what you’ve read, you’ll be able to communicate and retain information better. Even if you’re not naturally a good reader, with these tips, you can improve your level or […]

Look Good for Less as a College Student

Just because you’re a broke college student doesn’t mean you can’t look fashionable and pulled together. There are loads of ways to get great clothes that flatter your style and show off your best assets without paying a fortune for them– though it might take a bit more work than just making a trip to […]

Learn the Habits of Highly Successful Students

Have you ever looked at the paper, presentation or notes of another student and been envious of the quality? Some students simply make being successful in their studies look effortless and natural. Of course, for the rest of the student body, school isn’t quite so easy and requires quite a bit of effort– and that’s […]

Not Going Ivy League Can Be Good for You

Many students dream of one day attending a prestigious Ivy League university. Yet getting into these schools can be incredibly difficult, and the vast majority of students who apply will find themselves attending other universities for their college education. While it might seem like a let-down at the time, not getting into an Ivy League […]

Fighting Writer’s Block When You’ve Got a Deadline

It’s two days before your term paper is due and you can’t think of a thing to write about. Your mind is blank and the words just won’t come no matter how you approach the project. You’ve come down with a case of writer’s block and at a most inconvenient time. Of course, you’re not […]

Top 50+ Novels for Tech Geeks

Top 50+ Novels for Tech Geeks

Entire genres and subgenres exist that peer into where technological advances have come from, where they are, where they may go and what they may be like in worlds beyond the known.

Dealing With Peer Pressure In College

Most of the time we think about peer pressure as something that exists in middle and high schools. Yet peer pressure doesn’t end when students graduate and is a very real and potentially more influential force with students who are in college. For students who are out on their own for the first time and […]

Join a School Sport for Some Valuable Benefits

Whether you played sports in high school or are just looking to get in shape and hone your athletic abilities, playing sports in college is a great way to do just that. Most colleges have a wide range of sports and teams at all skills levels that are available to just about any students who […]

Laundry Tips for College Students

Even if you occasionally did laundry at home, cleaning your clothes with a shared laundry room is a different beast. You’ll have older washing machines and dryers to deal with, quarters to hoard, panty raid threats, and the chance that you’ll lug all your clothes over to the laundry room, only to discover that all […]

10 Educational Uses for Old PSAs

Despite the unintentional comedy, they still remain educational, though they may not deliver the messages intended by their creators.

Bullying in Colleg

You might think bullying stops when kids graduate from high school, or even elementary school, but the sad reality is that bullying can occur at any time in life and can sometimes be even more embarrassing, painful and upsetting to deal with as an adult or college student than as a child. Additionally, college students […]

Keeping Your Space Clean at College

While the stereotype may not be entirely fair, college students and cleanliness aren’t two things that are often immediately associated with one another. As a student, you might not want to spend the time it takes to sweep your floor or put your papers away neatly, but cleaning and organizing your space can have some […]

Saving Money on College Textbooks

Paying for college tuition is tricky enough, but rising textbook costs can make getting through college even more financially challenging. A 2005 study revealed college textbook prices increased at twice the rate of inflation over the past 20 years, according to a recent article by the Associated Press. The article also highlighted more recent data […]

Surprising Reasons You Should Visit a Campus Counselor

A lot of students have the misconception that school counselors and campus counselors are only available to talk about serious mental health issues, like depression, eating disorders and heavy addictions. But campus counselors welcome all students to visit them to discuss all kinds of questions or problems that students, have. If you’re homesick, having trouble […]

Improving Your Attendance Record

What’s so great about college? You can skip class every once in a while, and no one really cares. In smaller classes, you may have to explain a migraine or away game to a professor, but in most larger classes, professors won’t count a couple of unexplained absences against you, as long as you complete […]

Preparing for a Semester Abroad

You’re about to take part in a very exciting part of your life-a semester abroad, studying in a foreign country. Not every student is able to take advantage of this opportunity, and you probably realize how incredible it will be to live and study in a foreign country for a few months. Of course, before […]

10 TV Shows That Writers Really Love

10 TV Shows That Writers Really Love

These creative standouts provide viewers of a literary bent with some of the tools needed to tighten their craft and build ideas to their fullest potential.

Should You Take a Semester Off?

Gap years between high school and college and study abroad trips taken during the summer or for a full year are becoming increasingly popular among American college students, but what about taking an entire semester off of school altogether? It’s a weighty question that you’ll have to discuss with family, professors, mentors and even friends, […]

How to Schedule Reading Assignments

No matter what your major is (well, okay, some are worse than others), you’ll quickly notice that college courses require way more reading than even most advanced high school courses. Just from looking at your syllabus, it’s hard to figure out how you’re supposed to fit in reading 75 pages in a religion textbook, two […]

Keeping Creativity Flowing as an Art Student

Creativity isn’t something that most people can bring up on demand, but being a student in a creative field means that you’ll often have to do just that. Even if you’re feeling tired, sick or just burnt out at the end of the semester, you’ll need to be able to create work that best represents […]

Despite Digital Offerings, Books Are Still King in College Classrooms

Students these days may spend a lot of time on cell phones, laptops and browsing the web, but despite all the technology at their fingertips, one thing that hasn’t been entirely replaced for a digital option is textbooks. Many textbooks are available in digital forms that students can access on their computers, through e-readers or […]

Are You Shy? Alternative Ways to Save Your Participation Grade

Many professors include a participation grade on their syllabi. Often, this grade is some percentage of your overall grade, and, depending on the nature of the course, it can be a low percentage or a very high percentage. This is all fine and dandy for those students who have no trouble speaking their mind in […]

Preparing for Final Exams

When final exam time approaches, your initial reaction may be to study, study, study. But there is a lot more involved in preparing for final exams than the obvious studying portion. Here are some helpful tips to help you mentally and physically prepare for your final exams. The first thing you need to do is […]

The Value of Scheduling a Student-Teacher Conference

One resource that many students fail to take advantage of is their professors’ office hours. These times outside of class are a great opportunity to meet one-on-one with a professor to get help in the course. Whether you’d just like to get clarification on the day’s lecture or need to discuss a grade on a […]

35 Signs You’re a Total Grammar Geek

35 Signs You’re a Total Grammar Geek

By Angelita Williams As many mourn the dissolution of the English language thanks to the internet, text messaging and other stuff those crazy kids are into these days, you stand there shaking your proverbial cane and stick with your flawlessly-executed homophones, thank you very much! You put your education to good use, consarn it, even […]

Revising Towards a Better Grade

In some classes, your professor might have a policy that allows you to revise your work for a higher grade. These revision policies are most often seen in humanities courses, such as Literature and History; however, you might also see them in science courses, though they will work a little differently. You might, for example, […]

Better to Show Up Late For Class Than to Not Show Up At All

There will be times during your college career when you are late for your classes. Maybe you overslept or got stuck in traffic. Or maybe you got your schedules mixed up and went to a Thursday class instead of a Wednesday class. When that happens, it will be tempting to think, "Well, I’m already twenty […]

Online Courses Prove to be the Sturdiest Sinking Ship

By Angelita Williams The Government Accountability Office recently administered several undercover tests to report on the true nature of online college courses and the end-goal that most of their for-profit institutions look toward when recruiting students.  Amidst the high quantities of bad press that online colleges have recently received, this report was not exactly what […]

50 Great Green Tips for Dorm Life

By Angelita Williams It seems that almost everyone is trying to do something to help the environment these days. Whether you are taking online classes to reduce the number of papers generated and to eliminate commute time or are trying to find ways to live greener, there is something you can do–even while living in […]

Online Courses Help Close the Divide Between Impoverished Nations

Visiting impoverished African or even South Asian nations can help us realize the vast gap that exists between finances, health, and education between our world and theirs.  This is not an easily remedied problem, but has had much help over the years from Western nations. However, schools still exist without water, without electricity, and with […]

Online Islam Classes Bridge the Gap Between Traditional and Modern

By Angelita Williams Online education has grown to a point in which students can pick an incredibly specific subject from nearly every online institution.  One of the most prominent subjects in recent years has been the increasing amount of online courses in Islam and Islam politics.  Our nation’s recent struggles to understand the religion of […]

Fun Online Courses

By Angelita Williams While online schools and courses are typically to get you farther along in your degree path, there are some courses which can just be taken for fun and for realizing that school does not have to be entirely about seriousness.  There are courses in every online college that are solely to teach […]

The Best Online Courses for Any Online College Student

Online education is a booming industry and since the implementation of online colleges a decade ago, the amount of online courses has grown exponentially.  MIT and Stanford led the way with open online courses, offering potential students a chance to view their selection of online courses firsthand before enrolling in their online degree programs.  Many […]