100 Excellent Twitter Feeds for Tech-Savvy Students

By Angelita Williams

Twitter can be an indispensable resource for online learning, especially for tech students. Real-time discussion about product releases and gadget reviews, tech and new media trends, troubleshooting, and web development can all supplement your course work and give you an idea of what people are talking about in the real world. Here are 100 excellent Twitter feeds to learn about the tech industry, search for jobs and internships, and keep up with tech news.

Tech News

Blogs, online publications and print magazines all head to Twitter to share their latest headlines and talk about the tech news of the day.

  1. @computerworld: This magazine tweets about Apple, the Kindle, Google, Microsoft and other top tech issues.
  2. @macTweeter: Follow @macTweeter for Apple news, iTunes lists and more.
  3. @ITPRO: This UK magazine covers all things IT.
  4. @Techmeme: Coming out of San Francisco, Techmeme aims to be the “web’s technology news site of record.”
  5. @TechCrunch: This popular tech site features product reviews, tech news, and editorials.
  6. @slashdot: Keep up with Slashdot’s updating headlines here.
  7. @CNETNews: CNET editors share their photos, videos, reviews, and top news stories here.
  8. @Gizmodo: Get a steady stream of headlines from Gizmodo, on home theater equipment to iPods to AT&T.
  9. @engadget: Gadget geeks will enjoy following this feed for new releases, reviews, and insight into the whole computer and gadget industry.
  10. @informationweek: Business students who love technology should follow the news stories tweeted from @informationweek.
  11. @MacObserver: This news feed includes more than Mac news: follow it for headlines from Canon, World of Warcraft, Google, the mobile media industry, and more.


Bloggers add to the conventional news and media culture by offering behind-the-scenes commentary, coverage of niche tech topics, and more. Here are some of the best you’ll want to follow.

  1. @Scobleizer: Robert Scoble loves blogging and tweeting about the new gadgets and trends coming out of Silicon Valley.
  2. @CharlesLau: Charles Lau, the Internet Reviewer, tracks websites and products here and on his blog.
  3. @techradar: Get tech news from the US, UK and Japan from @techradar.
  4. @labnol: Amit Agarwal is a professional blogger and tech reporter who comments on online education and beyond.
  5. @freecloud: Alan Patrick is a blogger who covers broadband media, mobile media and more.
  6. @ipostfirst: This blogger may just deliver the newest tech news faster than anyone.
  7. @andrewbrust: Andrew Brust is an expert on Microsoft and is the Chief of New Technology at twentysix New York.
  8. @nickbilton: Nick Bilton is the lead tech writer for the Bits Blog, from the NYT.
  9. @alexlmiller: Alex Miller is a good follow if you want a variety of news and inside stories from media, tech, business and more.
  10. @mattbuchanan: Gizmodo writer and blogger Matt Buchanan has a bit of a potty mouth and likes ranting about stupid new products and thinking about yummy snacks.
  11. @bloggersblog: Get blog posts about Twitter and tech.
  12. @steverubel: AdAge columnist and blogger Steve Rubel tweets about tech stuff, iPhones, technology in real life, and more.
  13. @chrisgarrett: Author of ProBloggerBook.com, Chris Garrett likes tweeting about social media, blogging lessons, and more.
  14. @editorialiste: Andrew Nusca is an editor for ZDNet and SmartPlanet, but is the editorialiste blogger “by night.”
  15. @nptechblogs: Get blog posts from tech blogs all over the web here.
  16. @LATimestech: The LA Times tech blog tweets about Google Labs, texting, ebooks, new media and a lot more.
  17. @mashable: Pete Cashmore, CEO of Mashable, shares blog posts from Mashable. Recent posts cover Facebook, iPhone apps, the TIME Gadget of the Year, and more.
  18. @honeytech: The Honeytech blog covers news, downloads and tips for using Google, for web design, open source, and more.
  19. @tonykarrer: Tony Karrer is a CTO-for-hire, social media expert, eLearning insider and blogger.

Web Development and Design

If you’re into web development and design as a career choice or just for fun, follow these feeds for inspiration, tips, news and support.

  1. @Chromaa: Get helpful tips and web dev news from @Chromaa, a professional and freelance web developer.
  2. @webdesignfreak: You’ll find tutorials and articles pointing to useful apps and design tips here.
  3. @WebWorkerDaily: If you love web design or development and want to make a career out of it, follow this feed for career and industry tips.
  4. @kovshenin: Moscow-based Konstantin Kovshenin tweets about WordPress, shares web design and HTML tutorials, and more.
  5. @chrisspooner: Chris Spooner blogs and tweets about web design and illustration.
  6. @DesignerDepot: You’ll find cheat sheets, Photoshop tutorials, usability tips and more from this feed.
  7. @inspiredmag: Web designers can tune into this feed for daily inspirations, contests and more.
  8. @DesignNewz: Find lots of free tools, tutorials and design ideas from @DesignNewz.
  9. @RussAdams: Russ Adams blogs for webdesign.fm and shares his posts and commentary here.
  10. @naldzgraphics: Ronald Bien shares graphic design tips here.
  11. @sixrevisions: Jacob Gube, the creator of Six Revisions, talks about web development, fonts, typography and more.

Programming, Software and Engineering

Computer programming, software and engineering students will want to subscribe to these feeds for news, reviews, tips and clues about Android, Microsoft Windows, Mac, networking and more.

  1. @EverythingMS: Windows geeks will find everything related to Microsoft here.
  2. @putdotio: This new online storage system is just starting to tweet about its new updates and plans for the future.
  3. @MyAndroidCell: They may not follow you back, but subscribe to this feed to keep up with Android releases and gossip.
  4. @bit-tech: Gamers and programmers in the UK connect on this site and Twitter feed for news, reviews and more.
  5. @smallnetbuilder: If you’re into network design, troubleshooting or engineering, you should visit this feed, from smallnetbuilder.com.
  6. @jtackabury: Follow Jon Tackabury for all kinds of software and development discussion.
  7. @DownloadSquad: The Download Squad tweets new updates and downloads for Google Chrome, Mozilla products and more.
  8. @surya_s: Surya Suravarapu’s feed fuels interesting discussion about software development. Recent tweets share opinions and news about Camel, XML, search engines, Android and more.
  9. @ComputerRealm: Luqmaan is a software developer and webtreneur who likes blogging and tweeting about Windows troubleshooting, Internet customization, social media and his own projects.


From Tim Berners-Lee to Guy Kawasaki and hackers like Anthony McKay, you can follow your tech idols here.

  1. @anthonymckay: Hacker Anthony McKay tweets his views on tech, social media and more.
  2. @GuyKawasaki: One of the most successful techies around, Guy Kawasaki is a master of new media, branding and tweeting.
  3. @richardlai: Richard Lai is an Engadget editor who lives in London and tweets things like “Samsung Bada needs two more ‘s.’”
  4. @LanceUlanoff: Lance Ulanoff, the editor-in-chief of PCMag.com, tweets about new gadgets, general tech news, and his love for robotics.
  5. @emoltzen: Ed Moltzen is the managing editor for Test Center for CRN, CRNtech, VAR Biz and Channelweb.com, and likes commenting on mobile media and more.
  6. @j_timmer: John Timmer, chief science “wrangler” for Ars Technica, tweets about genetics, Verizon, data management and more.
  7. @timberners_lee: The real inventor of the Internet.
  8. @ohnorosco: Ross Miller is another Engadget editor whose random but fun Twitter feed touches on banjos, new gadgets, troubleshooting, and pubs.
  9. @donreisinger: Don Reisinger writes The Digital Home column for CNET.
  10. @jack: Jack Dorsey is the creator, co-founder and chairman of Twitter.

Career and Jobs

Use these feeds to look for tech, media and IT jobs and internships across the U.S.

  1. @exectweets: Follow this feed to get connected tech execs and news.
  2. @Jobs_Tech_LA: If you’re in the LA area and want to find a job in development, technical design, engineering and beyond, check here.
  3. @jobsintech: Creative and tech types will find job postings around the U.S. here.
  4. @sfmobilejobs: Get digital tech and mobile jobs from around the country (not just San Francisco).
  5. @TechJob_Chicago: This is the spot for Chicago-based techies to look for jobs.
  6. @SocialMediaJob: If you want a job or internship in social media marketing, product management, community management or a related field, check here.
  7. @Web2point0jobs: This feed claims to direct you to the highest paying tech jobs in application development, web design, and more.
  8. @Joblighted: @Joblighted is a good spot to find programming and developing jobs in the U.S.
  9. @wFreelanceJobs: Look for freelance web design jobs here.
  10. @caitjobs: This feed is updated regularly and highlights tech and IT jobs in California.


Learn about the new trends, careers, concepts and discussions in media and new media, from TV to social media and new media marketing.

  1. @ryanlawler: Ryan Lawler writes for GigaOm and New TeeVee, and you’ll find tweets about Hulu, Vevo and other online media sites here.
  2. @tconrad: Tom Conrad, the CTO at Pandora, tweets about business travel and all sorts of online media trends.
  3. @fforward: This feed is a true mix of media, art and design, highlighting what’s new and beautiful and car design, gadgets, and more.
  4. @juliaroy: Julia combines a talent for fashion and digital media in her job as Coach’s senior manager of new media.
  5. @NewTeeVee: If you want to know what’s next for TV, check out this feed.
  6. @JesseNewhart: Jesse is a multimedia and new media strategist who tweets about blogging, real-time web, Google, and more.
  7. @douglasi: Douglas Idugboe is a new media evangelist who shares marketing tips and social media advice.
  8. @themediaisdying: Learn how to break into the changing media industry with better pitches and a cutting edge education.
  9. @tomkennedy: If you’re interested in changing the way we receive news, you’ll want to follow @tomkennedy.


Whether you’re a game designer or just seriously into the world of online, virtual, and video gaming, check out these feeds.

  1. @GeekSpazz: GeekSpazz tweets about social media and gaming here.
  2. @fourzerotwo: Robert Bowling is a creative strategist who makes video games like Modern Warfare 2.
  3. @Kotaku: Get game reviews and news from @Kotaku.
  4. @gamergeeks: This gaming community tweets reviews, asks for user input, shares new game releases and apps, and more.
  5. @8bitfix: You’ll find out when games and extra releases for products like Assassin’s Creed 2 and Transformers are available when you follow @8bitfix.

Tips and Research

Even if you’re a tech-savvy student, you probably run into trouble with your computer, network or iPhone at some point. Follow these feeds for tips and advice from the pros.

  1. @10steps: If you work with Photoshop, you’ll find tutorials and tips here.
  2. @ismashphone: Get iPhone tips here.
  3. @tinyhacker: Get general tips for iPod Touch, RSS feeds, eBay, file sharing and more.
  4. @IBMResearch: IBM geeks can ask questions and keep up with research projects here.
  5. @howtogeek: Follow @howtogeek if you have computer problems or just want to learn basic troubleshooting tips.
  6. @linuxhub: Linux users will find tips and hacks here.


Get inspired to start your own tech business when you follow these ambitious tweeters.

  1. @radtech: Ryan and Zach share advice, tips and troubleshooting for Mac, iPod and iPhone.
  2. @sandieman: Rob Sandie is the co-founder and president of viddler.com.
  3. @Jesse: Jesse Stay is the CEO of SocialToo.com and tweets about social media, web development and more.
  4. @N3W_Media: Ed Stivala is the founder of a UK-based digital agency and consulting group, N3W_Media.
  5. @ryanblock: Ryan Block has quite a resume: he’s the co-founder of gdgt and is also a writer and editor for tech pubs.
  6. @davemorin: Dave Morin is an entrepreneur in the tech and social media industries who works for Facebook.
  7. @StartupPro: Martin Zwilling is a veteran startup mentor, angel investor and tech expert.
  8. @chrishogg: Chris Hogg is a social media expert and CEO of the user-generated news site Digital Journal.
  9. @Woork: Antonio Lupetti is the founder of Woork Up, a web community for web designers, tech news and digital inspiration.
  10. @davidlano: David Lano loves Apple, web design and development, and starting new projects.

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