Can a Double Major Work for You?

Some industrious students may choose to declare a second major. This is a major undertaking as it means you must finish the full requirements of two majors. A typical degree demands about 12 courses. If you are considering a double major, you must make sure that you have enough time in your schedule to complete both degrees. Some students run into a problem completing both majors if they declare their second major later in their college career. If you declare both majors fairly early (freshman or sophomore year), this undertaking is much more manageable.

Many students declare a second major if it fits with their other major in some fashion. For instance, a student considering going to law school after graduation may want to major in both philosophy and psychology. Both majors can be beneficial to a law student. Also, the addition of another degree makes you much more attractive to prospective law schools. It shows you have a dedicated academic spirit. It is also common for many students looking to go onto medical school. Sometimes you can anticipate the type of medicine you want to study and you can double major in related science fields that will put you in a strong position to begin the rigorous work load of a medical student.

Other students may not be sure what they want to do after graduation and see double majoring as a way to open up different avenues in their future professional lives. Having two degrees can certainly open up more doors than having one. Some students who think they may want to teach at some point down the line may double major. One of the majors can be in the subject area in which they think they may want to teach, while the other major could be in a discipline that could lead them down a different career path.

The key for a student who wants to double major is to make sure they can fit all the courses in their schedules. Talk to professors in both disciplines to get their opinions on the viability of you taking on another degree. They will explain to you the necessary courses you will need to complete and help you figure out whether you will be able to devote the necessary time and attention to them. Remember that your GPA within your major is often looked at by potential employers. You don’t want your GPA to suffer in or the other majors. However, if you deliberately attend to your work, you will be in a great position as you graduate with two degrees.

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