The Benefits of Being an English Major

Are you a bookworm who enjoys how the English language is used to communicate ideas? If you find that the written word inspires you to think both creatively and analytically, you might want to major in English. These majors benefit from a broad education that can lead to a variety of career choices.

English majors receive a diverse education that concentrates on English literature, language, and writing. Through reading important and influential literary works, they learn about literary styles and how to analyze literature. These majors also concentrate on the use of the English language and the rules of grammar, punctuation, and spelling. English majors combine their knowledge of literary works and English language to develop their writing skills, and learn about how rhetoric, logic, and creativity is best used in various forms of writing. To earn a degree in English, one must take courses in literature, rhetoric, and writing and composition. In literature courses, students learn about and study famous and influential American, British, and multicultural literature. These courses may focus on literary works written in certain time periods, by specific authors, or pertaining to different genres and literary movements. Rhetoric courses teach students about how to use language to effectively communicate, and gives them the skills they need to analyze written works and develop persuasive arguments. Courses in writing and composition focus on analytical writing and teach students how to effectively produce written contents that is clear, creative, and logical.

Those graduating with a degree in English will find that they are critical thinkers who ask tend to ask perceptive questions about what they read. They will also find that they now have the adequate skills to compose, analyze, and answer those questions in a cohesive and persuasive way. These abilities can be valuable qualities in the career fields of writing, business, and education. English majors who want to pursue writing careers can become journalists, editors, publishers, authors, and technical writers. Those who want to pursue business careers can use their skills to work in advertising, public relations, human resources, and marketing.The field of education also provides a wide range of options for English majors, who can become instructors, researchers, or librarians, and work for private learning centers, universities, and private and public schools. Earning a bachelor’s degree in English also provides a strong educational foundation for those who want to continue their education on a higher level in the areas of psychology, politcal science, communications, higher education, and law.

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