Students Who Love Fashion Can Major In It

As fashion design is highly competitive, it provides a challenging environment for those who possess as much determination as they have passion. Those who do have a passion for fashion can choose majors that will prepare them to either design or sell it.

Fashion design is an ideal major for creative, original individuals who have an eye for style and desire to create. Fashion design majors not only learn how to design clothing, but how to produce it as well. They study garment design and construction by learning about the creative aspects, such as such as style, color, and balance, as well as the technical aspects, such as sewing, textiles and application of computer-aided design programs. These majors put their knowledge to work through hands-on work experience sketching designs, constructing patterns, and sewing garments. If you want to major in fashion design, you will begin by taking basic courses in art, design, and fashion history. Once you have got the basics down, you can proceed to more advanced coursework in sewing, tailoring, pattern making, textiles, fabrics, and apparel construction techniques. A degree in fashion design will equip you with creative and technical skills that will take you far in the industry of fashion design. While some majors continue on to become clothing, accessory and costume designers, others become fashion merchandisers, sales representatives, and stylists.

If you love fashion, but don’t possess the design skills don’t worry, you can still find your niche within the industry. Fashion merchandising is an ideal major for business-minded individuals who who enjoy the creativity of fashion. Fashion merchandising majors learn about the manufacturing, buying, marketing, and selling of clothing, accessories, and cosmetic products. They study the creative side of fashion, such as style, design, and visual aesthetics, as well as the business side, such as promotion and advertising, buying and selling, and researching and understanding consumer behavior. If you want to be a fashion merchandising major, you will have to take business courses, such as principles of finance, business law, and principles of accounting, in addition to fashion merchandising courses, such as fashion product development, visual merchandising, merchandising principles and practices, and fashion marketing and consumer behavior. A degree in fashion merchandising will give you the business smarts and creative skills you need to succeed in many areas of the fashion industry, including marketing and buying, product development, retail management, and visual merchandising. Majors can go on to become fashion buyers and directors, retail store managers, showroom sales representatives, and textile merchandisers and designers.

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