Different Ways Majors Can Design

Artistic and creative thinkers who have an eye for functionality may want to take a closer look at how they can turn these qualities into an occupation. From the magazine you just picked up at the grocery store to the car you drove to get there, every product and space is designed in some way. Not limited to a specific method, when it comes to design, it can be done graphically, interiorally, and industrially.

Graphic designers use images, illustrations, and words to design Web sites, books, advertisements, and magazines. Graphic design majors learn how to communicate visually messages by studying the artistic aspects of design, such as image use, color selection, and lettering styles. In order to design something graphically, majors have to learn about the technical side, including how to use computer-aided programs. To establish an artistic foundation, students majoring in graphic design take art courses, such as drawing, art design, and art history. They learn about the components of graphic artwork by taking courses that concentrate specifically on typography, symbols, and images. To learn how to actually create finished products themselves, they take courses in computer design methods, publication design, Web design, and production design.

Interior designers combine principles of aesthetics and functionality to design interior spaces. Interior design majors learn how design affects the quality of physical spaces and what solutions they can use to improve it. They study creative design solutions, such as light, color, and space, and technical design solutions, such as space planning, perspective, and architecture. To learn about how interior spaces are utilized within architecture, students take architecture-related courses, such as architectural drafting, architectural detailing and construction, and building construction and codes. They also take courses in design theories that focus on topics like lighting, textiles, finish materials, and furnishings.

Industrial designers design products, such as cars or furniture, that can easily be massed produced. Industrial design majors learn how practical and efficient design methods are used to create functional and aesthetically pleasing products. They study creative aspects of design, such as use of color, texture and appearance, and technical aspects of design like user ergonomics and conceptual engineering. To establish an artistic foundation, students take courses in art, design history, and conceptual drawing. They learn about design methods in courses focusing on interaction design, materials and manufacturing, color and composition, and computer-aided industrial design programs. It is also important for these majors to understand what makes a consumer buy a product, so courses may concentrate specifically on visual thinking, trends in design, and buyer psychology.

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