Top 10 Ridiculous Celebrity-Written Books

In your college classes, you may think that you read some pretty ridiculous material, but you haven’t seen anything until you read these books written by celebrities. Some are self-indulgent novels about the wild lives of models and reality TV stars, while others are children’s books written by the most unexpected personalities. From Madonna to Paris Hilton to Spike Lee, here are the top 10 ridiculous celebrity-written books.

  1. Confessions of an Heiress: A Tongue-in-Chic Peek Behind the Pose, Paris Hilton: Socialite Paris Hilton has since lost her inheritance after doing time for a DUI, but in this autobiography from 2004 — which Hilton wrote with Merle Binsberg and Jeff Vespa — readers get an inside look into the superficial partying and primping lifestyle that made her famous in the first place. Publishers Weekly notes that there’s nothing scandalous in the book, which really just appears to be another medium for Hilton to talk about beauty products, travel and fashion. Ironically, Hilton also makes a point to reiterate her believed role as a model for young girls, encouraging them to be confident and learn from their mistakes.
  2. Star: A Novel, Pamela Anderson: Pamela Anderson’s 2004 debut novel is really just the thinly veiled account of her early years finding fame in Hollywood and dating rock stars, told through the fictional heroine Star Wood Leigh. Publishers Weekly calls the book "lighter-than-air," pointing to an excerpt in which Leigh has sex with several people all at once.
  3. The Adventures of Abdi, Madonna: Madonna wrote a pretty controversial book about sex early in her career, but now she’s moved on to children’s stories. She’s written a series of books for young girls and tweens — The English Roses — but Madonna has also tried writing for more multicultural audiences. In The Adventures of Abdi, Madonna writes a story about a Middle Eastern boy who encounters "ruthless rogues, savage snakes and deadly dungeons" on his journey to deliver a necklace to a queen.
  4. Please, Baby, Please, Spike Lee: Film producer and director Spike Lee is known for creating such powerful, controversial and violent movies as Malcolm X, 25th Hour and Summer of Sam, and the fact that he also writes picture books for young children may surprise some fans. Please, Baby, Please, published in 2006 and written by Spike Lee and his wife Tonya Lewis Lee, follows a little girl who innocently makes trouble for her mom as she spills cereal, refuses to go to bed, and splashes around in the bath.
  5. The Tinkerbell Hilton Diaries: My Life Tailing Paris Hilton, Tinkerbell Hilton: During the height of her popularity, Paris Hilton was often photographed carrying her teensy chihuahua, Tinkerbell, as she shopped and flitted about New York and LA. And in this book, Tinkerbell shares all the behind-the-scenes stories from life with Paris. It’s clearly meant to be a parody, but the whole premise is just silly.
  6. The Truth About Diamonds, Nicole Richie: Paris Hilton’s best frenemy also got in on the celebrity tell-all trend when she published this book in 2006. Richie, who at the time was tabloid fodder for her trip to rehab, rivalries with Hollywood starlets and socialites, and reality show The Simple Life, uses the character Chloe to share all the gossip about her own life. One reviewer notes that "one of the best parts about this book was trying to figure out who each fictional character represented in real life," even though there is "hardly any plot to speak of."
  7. L.A. Candy, Lauren Conrad: Another reality show star-turned author is Lauren Conrad, who started her career on the MTV series Laguna Beach, which followed the lives of privileged, catty high school students in Orange County. Conrad eventually got her own spin-off series when she moved to LA, called The Hills, and her first novel L.A. Candy is basically the "fictionalized" book version of Conrad’s own life and features a heroine named Jane Roberts, who is given her own reality TV show based on Sex and the City. The lines between reality and entertainment are blurred at an even more surreal level in this novel, as readers will be following the based-on-real-life story of a teenager with her own reality show, written by a teenager who used to have her own reality show.
  8. sTORI Telling, by Tori Spelling: Tori Spelling was a 90s It Girl when she joined the cast of the original 90210, a popular TV drama created by her father Aaron Spelling. In this book, released in 2009, Tori Spelling recounts all of the rumors, gossip and catty rivalries that characterized her life, including her fights with her mother, her nose job, and childhood in Beverly Hills.
  9. Sexual Intelligence, Kim Cattrall: Actress Kim Cattrall is best known for playing the sexually liberated PR executive Samantha Jones on one of HBO’s most successful shows, Sex and the City. And in this book, Cattrall explores sexual exploration through photos, interviews with experts, and a curious mixture of poetry and science, as described on
  10. Swan, by Naomi Campbell: Supermodel Naomi Campbell is one of the most successful models of all time, having walked and appeared in campaigns for Versace, Armani, Roberto Cavalli, and other top designers. Campbell was also one of the first black models to enjoy such mainstream success, but her often violent outbursts hurt her public image. In addition to modeling, Campbell released a book in 1996, during the height of her career. Swan is the story of "the world’s best supermodel" who steps down as representative for the Swan beauty line and who must lead a search for the next It girl, all while managing a scandalous, re-surfaced story about a murdered sister and the turbulent life in the fashion industry. Library Journal finds that it "is not essential purchase."


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