Writing a Cover Letter That Will Land You a Job

Too often, in the general hubbub involved in searching for employment, the cover letter is either hastily written or forgotten altogether. Yet, a good cover letter may be all that you need to get a hiring manager to give your resume a second look and call you in for an interview.

Hiring managers must look through a sizeable amount of resumes every time there is a job opening, whether the application is sent through e-mail or through the postal service. Imagine looking at resumes day in and day out – it can get downright tedious. In addition, good credentials on your resume, such as the fact that you graduated at the top of your class and interned at a number of relevant institutions, do not really reveal your personality and work ethic. That is why a good cover letter could separate you from the rest of the job applicants because while a resume may be stale and dry, a cover letter could show the hiring manager your personality and passion for the position.

Many hiring managers do not even look at the resume of an applicant on the first round. This is especially true for managers working at big companies, which may receive hundreds of applications a month. Instead, hiring managers tend to skim through the cover letters attached to the resume and toss out those that are poorly written. This means that if you cobble together a last-minute cover letter, rife with spelling errors and disjointed sentences, your chances at the job are over before they really even began. This is why you should take care to spend more time on your cover letter.

Use the cover letter as a means to introduce yourself and expand on your resume. Highlight the strongest reasons why you are qualified for the position and explain why you want to work there. Also, do not forget to add in a paragraph about what you could do for the company. Be sure to put your contact information on the letter in case it gets separated from your actual resume. In addition, one of the most important things you can do to ensure cover letter success is to proof read it before you send it out. Nothing is more telling of a careless and lazy attitude – which is a decidedly bad trait – than sending in a job application with a cover letter filled with grammatical mistakes and hard-to-understand sentences. To avoid having your application thrown out immediately, write a strong cover letter and check it for mistakes before you turn it in.

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