Students Who Want to Learn About Different Ethnicities Can Major in Them

In today’s multicultural society, a degree in ethnic studies can enhance someone’s knowledge as well as their career opportunities. The broad education and skills one acquires from completing a degree in ethnic studies can be applicable to many different paths in government, politics, international business, journalism, education, and foreign service. Those who hold such a degree may find it valuable to find employment as social workers, commuinity organizers, public interest advocats, news analysis, and public interests lawyers. The world needs experts, and students who choose a major that concentrates on a specific ethnicity can be just that. When it comes to ethnic studies, students can learn about Hispanic, African American, and Islamic cultures.

Students who major in Hispanic studies learn about Hispanic, Puerto Rican, and Chicano cultures and how they have influenced American culture. They study Hispanic language, music, politics, and literature, and their influence on society. Students take courses that focus on Hispanic history, such as the history of Latinos in the U.S., Puerto Rican cultural heritage, and the history of the Dominican Republic. To learn about the current social issues facing Hispanics, courses address topics like immigration, racial and ethnic policies, identity formation, education, and community organization. The curriculum also concentrates on major Hispanic art and literature.

Students who major in Islamic studies learn about the influence that Islamic culture has had on the world by studying Islamic history though literature and languages. The Islamic world is made up of many languages, so majors will take courses focusing on and learning Persian, Turkish, and modern standard Arabic. Courses in Islamic literature also help them to understand languages, as students read written works in their original languages and in translation ones. These courses typically pertain to Arabic fiction, near Eastern literature, and literary Arabic reading. One of the most influential literary works majors will study is the Qur’an, in which they will learn about Islamic beliefs, scripture, and law.

Students who major in African American Studies study history, politics, and culture, to learn about the influence that African Americans have had in American society. They learn about African American history in courses that explore African cultures, time periods like colonialism in Africa, and American history until 1865. When it comes to the history of African Americans in America, politics play a huge role, which is explored in courses discussing the slave economy, civil war, and the civil rights movement. Courses that focus on African American culture explore such topics as multiculturalism, black psychology, and race and ethnicity.

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