99 Great Gift Ideas for the Book Lover in Your Life

If you have a book lover in your life, then you have probably struggled with the dilemma of buying a book and not knowing if he or she has read it, or just settling for an impersonal gift card to a bookstore. This list solves that problem for you by offering 100 awesome ideas to use the next time you need to find a gift for a book lover. Dive into this list to find fun gifts, practical gifts, and unique gifts–all that are just right for anyone wild about books.

Fun Stuff for Readers

These gift ideas range from the elegant to the whimsical and are sure to please.

  1. Hand-made books. There are a wide variety of hand-made books, from the trendy to heirloom quality, available to use as a special journal, for keeping book lists, or just to appreciate the artisan’s skill.
  2. Personalized book. Create a memorable gift when you commission a custom book documenting a lifetime, a family, or whatever your story.
  3. Music. Find the perfect background music to play while your reader indulges in her favorite book. Try Beethoven for Book Lovers or Brahms for Book Lovers, available in CD or MP3 download.
  4. Discount membership to a bookstore. Many bookstores offer discount memberships for a small annual fee. Purchase a membership for your book lover so they can enjoy discounts all year.
  5. Donate to a library. If your reader is more the public library type, make a donation in his name to the library he frequents.
  6. Recycled book gifts. There are lots of fun ways to recycle books like these custom-made book boxes.
  7. Yard art. If you have plenty of money burning a hole in your pocket, then take a look at these garden statues of children reading.
  8. Gift basket. Give a pre-made gift basket full of yummy goodies to enjoy while reading.
  9. Key chain. This key chain is simple and elegant enough for a man or woman while proclaiming the owner’s love of reading.
  10. Magnets. Magnets are a fun and easy way for your book lover to show off what she likes about reading.
  11. Coffee accessories. This coffee mug shows everyone that its owner enjoys reading, as does this coffee wrap for drinks on the go.
  12. Shakespeare umbrella. Keep the rain off your favorite book lover with this Shakespeare umbrella.
  13. Charles Dickens action figure. This playful gift is just right for the book lover with an interest in Dickens. Other literary figures are also available.
  14. Trivial Pursuit: Book Lover’s Edition. If the Literature section of the regular Trivial Pursuit game is your book lover’s favorite section, then this game is sure to be right up his alley.

Books about Books

These books are all about books. What more could a book lover want?

  1. The Book Lover’s Borrow Book. This book has perforated book marks with a place to write your name on each. When you lend a book to someone, write your name on the bookmark and include it in your book. Write the name of the person to whom you loaned the book on the stub. Both you and the borrower have a record of where the book belongs.
  2. What I’ve Read Mini Journal. Just the perfect size to keep in your handbag, this small journal provides a place for book lovers to keep a record of what they’ve read.
  3. Books to Check Out. This spiral notebook is an excellent place for book lovers to keep their list of books to be read as well as favorite quotes, a place to keep track of books on loan, and a pocket for book review clippings.
  4. Booknotes: The Booklover’s Organizer. This organizer offers various ways to keep lists of books you want to read and also includes a section just for book groups.
  5. Reading Group Journal: Notes in the Margin. With a place to keep record of 18 books, this journal provides a place to take notes, write down discussion topics, write favorite quotes, and even has online resources for book groups.
  6. Good Reading: the Magazine for Book Lovers. If your favorite reader just can’t get enough about books, then try this magazine subscription that will provide monthly issues with an Australian perspective.
  7. The Children’s Literature Lover’s Book of Lists. If children’s literature is your book lover’s favorite genre, then this book is a must.
  8. A Passion for Books. How about giving a book all about books? This book covers everything from stories to essays to cartoons…all about books.
  9. Book Lust. Compiled by a librarian and long-time book reviewer, this book provides suggestions for reading depending on the mood you are feeling.

Accessories for Reading

While a book is really the only thing a book lover needs, these accessories will make the experience that much more enjoyable.

  1. Book rest pillow. Sitting up in bed reading is much more comfortable when you have a pillow made just for reading.
  2. Book light. With so many to choose from, a book light is a gift you can give in any price range and in any number of designs.
  3. Bookmarks. From bamboo to beautiful jeweled styles, you can always find a bookmark to fit the personality of your book lover.
  4. Personal embosser. The personal embosser is an elegant way for book lovers to add a personal touch to their book identification.
  5. Book tote. Many book lovers like to have a tote bag they can carry when attending book group, for their trip to the library, or to use at the book store in place of a plastic bag.
  6. Book darts. These little book marks are a great way to indicate exactly where your book lover left off last time he was reading.
  7. Book covers. Reusable book covers are a great way to protect books that travel around with their owners.
  8. Bookends. Book ends will always come in handy for those who collect the books they read. Try something whimsical like these fish bowl bookends or these A to Z bookends.
  9. Magnifiers. Some readers, especially those whose eyesight is beginning to fail, enjoy using book magnifiers to help with their reading.
  10. Book weight. If your reader can’t put her book down while eating or is busy holding a baby, then a book weight may be in order.
  11. eBook reader. If your book lover is high tech, then a device like a Kindle or a Nook is the perfect gift for reading books electronically.
  12. eBook reader accessories. He already has a Kindle? Then try accessories such as a screen protector or a cover for his eReader.
  13. Audio books. For avid readers who are always on the go or have long commutes, audio books are a great way to listen to books when your book lover doesn’t have time to read.

Furniture for Book Lovers

From a relaxing massaging bed rest to a unique book bench, this furniture is specialized for book lovers.

  1. Concealed bookshelf. This silver book shelf mounts on to the wall, then the books stack on top of it. The effect is stunning and the price is right.
  2. Reading table . Use this at your bedside or at a comfy chair for the ultimate in book reading comfort.
  3. Massage chair. These chairs take relaxing with a good book to a whole new level.
  4. Massaging bed rest. This gift takes the pillow to a whole new level with ultra support, a light, a cup holder, and a massage.
  5. Lap desk. Another solution for reading in bed, a lap desk props the book up just right.
  6. Desk lamp. If your reader enjoys books at a desk, then a desk lamp is a great gift.
  7. Bookshelves. Every reader can use more space for books, so consider bookshelves for your next gift.
  8. Faux bookshelves. Whether your book lover wants to add decoration to a bland wall or want to hide a secret doorway, these faux book shelves are a truly unique gift.
  9. Globe. While this isn’t directly related to books, can you really imagine a library without a globe? If you are feeling more practical, then take a look at these globe bookends.
  10. Stack of Books Bench. This signed, limited edition bronze bench that looks like a stack of books doesn’t even have a price given on the website, but it would truly be an original gift.
  11. Big Cozy Books. Designed for libraries, these giant books make great furniture for a reading room anywhere.

Coffee Table Books

These books are visually stunning and open up worlds beyond the ordinary.

  1. The Polaroid Book: Selections from the Polaroid Collections of Photography. This book features some outstanding polaroid photographs sure to please anyone with an eye for beauty.
  2. American Photobooth. Learn the fascinating history of the photobooth and see endearing photographs taken from these DIY photo shoots from across the years.
  3. Graffiti World: Street Art from Five Continents. Take a look at the work of the very best street artists from around the world in this stunning book.
  4. Walker Evans: Signs. A human story can be told powerfully through the signs posted, and Evans captured the story and history in his work.
  5. Pop Surrealism: The Rise of Underground Art. This thought-provoking book may challenge your ideas of underground art.
  6. A Photographer’s Life. Famed photographer Annie Leibovitz published this book as a memoir of her life as a photographer and includes both personal photos and photos from assignments.
  7. Through the Lens: National Geographic Greatest Photographs. The photographs from the National Geographic have long been held as some of the most breathtaking. Get 250 of the best ever in this book.
  8. In Focus: National Geographic Greatest Portraits. Another National Geographic book, this one specifically features portraits with some of the most famous, including the “Afghan Girl” with the piercing eyes.
  9. Anonymous: Enigmatic Images from Unknown Photographers. These striking photographs are all taken by anonymous people and capture the imagination.
  10. Found Lives: A Collection of Found Photographs. Similar to Anonymous, this book is also filled with pictures from unknown photographers that capture moments of everyday life.

Cook Books and Food Books

These books are great options for the book lover who also enjoys food.

  1. The Book Lover’s Cook Book. The perfect book for book lovers who also love to cook, these recipes are inspired by famous works of literature such as tamales from Like Water for Chocolate and blueberry pie from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.
  2. Roadfood Sandwiches. Get recipes for some of the best sandwiches in restaurants across the US in this book.
  3. Good Eats: The Early Years. Get recipes from some of the earliest shows from Alton Brown’s popular food science and cooking show, Good Eats.
  4. Mastering the Art of French Cooking. This famous book by Julia Child has enjoyed a resurgence in popularity recently and is always an excellent gift for the cook who also treasures a good book.
  5. Chez Panisse Cafe Cookbook. Alice Water’s distinctive style shaped cuisine across the country, and this book shares some of her secrets from her Chez Panisse Cafe.
  6. Kitchen Confidential. Anthony Bourdain’s best-selling book provides a whole new look at restaurants that will leave you laughing and reconsidering your next meal out at the same time.
  7. The Omnivore’s Dilemma. This widely-read book has been at the heart of discussions and controversy since its publication.
  8. What to Drink with What You Eat. This is the ultimate guide to understand how to match the beverage of your choice with food, including wine, beer, coffee, and more.
  9. The Little Black Journal of Wine: A Wine Lover’s Record Keeper. If your book lover also enjoys wine, this is the perfect combination, allowing him to jot down tasting notes in an elegant journal that can go anywhere.
  10. Cook book holder. A cook book holder not only keeps the book open to the right page, but props the book up for easier viewing.

Classics Reprinted

These classics have been reprinted to feel more like the original.

  1. Penguin Hardcover Classics. With titles including Pride and Prejudice, Great Expectations, and Wuthering Heights, these books are not only visually stunning, they are guaranteed to please.
  2. Little Women. This reprinted edition includes much of the original diction that was edited out of the dialog as well as a beautiful illustrated cover.

Clothing and Jewelry

While t-shirts are represented here, so are purses made from books, cuff links, and banned book bracelets.

  1. T-shirts. There are many places to find literary-themed t-shirts for men and women. Here are some, also check out Cafe Press or Literary Rags.
  2. Sleep shirt.
  3. Baseball cap. Keep the sun off your mystery-lover’s head with this “M is for Mystery” baseball cap.
  4. Book purses. These purses are made from recycled books.
  5. Sherlock Holmes cap. Does your book lover like to dress up? Then he may like this Sherlock Holmes cap. Now all you need is the pipe.
  6. Bookworm charm. This little bookworm charm will look good on a necklace or bracelet for your book lover.
  7. Book locket. A silver book that is really a locket, this necklace is not only pretty, but made in Thailand and is part of the Fair Trade movement.
  8. Banned books bracelet. Does your book lover have a social conscience too? She might like the banned book bracelet as a way to show both her love of books and free speech. Don’t like the bracelet? Try the necklace.
  9. Ralph Waldo Emerson bracelet. This classic silver band with a quote from Emerson makes a great gift for a man or woman book lover.

Paper Goods

From note cards to journals, these paper goods make excellent gifts for just about any book lover.

  1. Calendars. Calendars are available for the wall, desktop, and more.
  2. Prints and posters. Help your book lover decorate in literary style with prints or posters.
  3. Postcards. Postcards make a great stocking stuffer for your book lover and come in many designs.
  4. Note cards.Note cards are a simple yet elegant gift that never go out of style.
  5. Bookplates. Personalized bookplates are a great way for book lovers to label their books and are available many places online for you to personalize as a gift.
  6. Journals. For jotting down notes, making lists of books, or just writing her thoughts, many book lovers enjoy getting blank journals. Most bookstores offer them across a wide variety of styles and price ranges.
  7. Bumperstickers. If your book lover drives a car, let him show off his passion for books with a bumpersticker.
  8. Post-it Notes. These make great stocking stuffers for readers. They can be used as book marks and also serve as a great place for the reader to keep notes is she doesn’t want to write in her book.

Gift Sites Inspired by Specific Writers

See if your book lover’s favorite author is listed below to find entire gift sites devoted to one writer.

  1. Mark Twain. Get books and ornaments all inspired by this classic American writer.
  2. Harriet Beecher Stowe. This online store from the Harriet Beecher Stowe Center should be online any day now to offer handcrafted items, jewelry, and more.
  3. Flannery O’Connor. From the O’Connor Perpetual Calendar to bumperstickers to peacock feathers from the birds this writer loved so much, this and more is available from the Andalusia website.
  4. Jane Austen. This site offers quite a selection of Jane Austen goods as well as books and movies made from her books.
  5. Edgar Allan Poe. The Poe museum offers spooky t-shirts, a commemorative stamp, Poe dolls and figures, and much more.
  6. Dr. Seuss. Find everything from cards to clothing to collector’s items at this site devoted to those who love the work of Theodor Seuss Geisel.
  7. Maurice Sendak. The Rosenbach Museum is the only authorized source for many Sendak items, including signed books and prints, unsigned books, and toys.

Rare Books

If your book lover collects rare books, check out these sites that provide listings of the rare books they have to offer in order to find just the book or author you are seeking.

  1. Bauman Rare Books. Bauman offers books in a variety of categories from literature to photography to children’s books.
  2. Powell’s Books Rare & Collectible. This famous bookseller in Portland offers a wide range of rare and collectible books here.
  3. Alibris Rare & Collectible. Search through signed books, first editions, collectibles, and truly rare books or just search by title.
  4. AbeBooks Directory of Rare & Antiquarian Booksellers. This site has a listing of rare book sellers from around the world and links to search and browse at each.
  5. Bookworks. From Chicago, this online bookstore specializes in used and rare books.
  6. 12th Street Books. Find used, rare, and out-of-print books from this shop located on 12th Street in Austin, TX, but offering their books online as well.
  7. MacDonnell Rare Books. This bookseller has over 30 years in the rare book field and is a member of several respected rare book associations.

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