Why You Should Consider a Minor

If you have already declared your major, you may find you can fit a minor into your schedule. A minor in a particular subject typically demands that you complete six courses in that discipline. Many students choose a minor in an area that has always interested them, but may not have been the type of area in which you would pursue a major. For instance, if you are chemistry major, but you have always loved literature you could declare a minor in British Literature. Your goal is to become a research chemist, but you have a passion for great pieces of literature. The minor gives you a chance to whet that part of your academic palate.

A minor makes sense for students who have declared their major relatively early in their college careers. You have to figure that you are going to need space in your schedule to fit in six classes in your minor’s discipline. However, your number one priority is to finish the requirements for your degree. Speak with your academic advisor to make sure that this is an endeavor that is within your reach.

Research the types of classes available within your minor. Figure out whether the courses you will need to take are going to be so taxing that you are having trouble keeping up with your major requirements. This is your opportunity to go deeper into an area than simply taking or an elective or two. It is important that you will be able to balance your full course load. Keep in mind that if you declare a minor you can always drop it if you decide it is too much for you. It is a good idea to talk to some of the professors that teach within your prospective minor’s department to get a feel for the courses before you actually embark on this academic endeavor.

Ultimately, students decide to take on a minor to make themselves more well-rounded. Take advantage of all your university has to offer before you graduate. You may never get another chance to take classes in French poetry or philosophy. Even if you do not have the time in your schedule for a minor, make sure that you are taking some electives that interest you. The last thing you want is to be upset down the road that you missed out on an opportunity to expand your horizons.

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