How to Meet New People in College

If you’ve gone off to college, chances are you’re in a situation where you don’t really know anyone. That’s OK-most freshmen and transfer students are in the same boat! College is a great time to meet people and make lifelong friends. Here, we’ll discuss some of the ways you can get to know other students on campus and have a great time doing it.

Get to know who you’re living with. Perhaps the most important relationship you’ll make early on in college is with your roommate. Do your best to be friends with your roommate first, and you can do activities around campus, plus meet new people together. Explore your dorm, too. Get to know your neighbors, leave your door open, and be friendly to everyone, especially in your dorm.

Talk to people in class. Chances are, you’ll sit in the same seat, near the same people pretty often. Talk to these people when you can. Ask them for notes when you’ve missed class, and ask them if they’d like to start a study group with you.

Be active in your school. Take part in clubs, groups, sports, volunteering, or the newspaper. All of these activities will give you lots of opportunities to meet, spend time with, and start relationships with other students on campus. Many groups build camaraderie and can be the basis for really enjoyable friendships.

Get out of your dorm. Study in the library, taking breaks to stretch your legs and possibly talk to others who are studying. Take the time to go to school events like sports games, plays, and lectures. Events like these can help you meet people who share your interests.

Talk to everyone. Whether it’s someone you pass on the way to class regularly or the person in front of you at the coffee line, take a moment to say hi and make small talk. You may find that you really enjoy their company.

Keep an eye out for parties. Ask around with classmates and dorm neighbors to find out if they know about any parties that are coming up. Go with them and mingle with other people during parties to get to know them.

With the help of these tips, you’ll be able to get to know lots of people on campus, and maybe even make lasting relationships with good friends. Enjoy your time meeting new people in college!

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