How to Save Money on College School Supplies

There’s no denying that college is incredibly expensive. Even if you’ve managed to make it through tuition fees without too much shock, you’ve still got school supplies to deal with. Books, software, writing tools and electronics can all add up to a hefty bill. Here’s how to beat it.

Don’t rush out and buy everything on your syllabus right away. You may be tempted to stock up early, but you’ll save money if you don’t. Save your bank account from the shock of buying it all right away, and you’ll be able to spread out purchases as well as take advantage of sales. You may even find that some items are truly not necessary, and you can avoid buying them completely.

Buy early and on sale. There are some things you know you’ll need for sure, like notebooks, writing utensils, and maybe even a laptop. Start thinking about these items well before school starts so that you can keep an eye out for good deals instead of joining everyone else in the back to school rush.

Shop online first. Shopping online is a great way to save money, especially on text books. The Internet makes it easy to price shop, and your chances of being able to score used books will greatly increase. Take a look at your school’s bookstore first, then hit the websites to find out if what you’re looking for can be purchased online cheaper-and don’t forget to factor in shipping.

Borrow or buy used if you can. Your bookstore will almost certainly have used books for some or all of the textbooks you’ll need to buy-snap them up if you can. You’ll save money off the cover price and might even find valuable notes inside. Additionally, you can avoid buying books completely by borrowing them, either from friends or your school’s library, especially if they are books you will only use for a short period of time.

Be smart with software. Talk to your schools technology department to take advantage of student discounts on software packages. You can even get free or more reasonably priced software by looking into open source. Programs like GIMP, Open Office, and Google Docs are well trusted and can save you lots of cash over their proprietary counterparts.

With a little know how and preparation, you can keep school supplies and textbooks from breaking your budget. Follow these tips to save as much money as you can on your college school supplies.

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