Career Boosting Clubs to Join in College

College is an important time in any student’s career. Although you’re probably not quite ready to start looking for a job yet, your career should be a major focus during your college years. You should be spending time on developing your career through education, networking, and skill building even before you send out your resume. A great way to start building your career in college is through clubs and other organizations that can help improve your career. Here, we’ll take a look at a few of the clubs that can help you in your career.

Student government is an excellent place to build leadership and networking skills. Work on your campaign and do your best to get elected into a position that’s right for you. You don’t have to be the class president, although that would be great. Any position in student government can help you develop your leadership and teamwork skills. You’ll learn about negotiation, as well. Additionally, student government positions will help you learn how to network, both within the student body and beyond. These are all skills that will serve you well in your future career, no matter what field you decide to go into.

The campus newspaper can help you in your future career even if you have no plans to become a journalist. It’s especially helpful if you plan to pursue a profession that involves lots of work with the public. Working as a reporter will improve your conversation and networking skills, as you’ll have to seek out students, faculty, and other people to fill in the quotes and facts for your latest news story. Even if you’re working behind the scenes, you’ll learn about teamwork and negotiation.

Academic honors groups are awesome for your resume. If you have the grades and coursework to back it up, do your best join or be invited into one of these groups. You may be challenged to work harder, but it will pay off both academically and in your career. Being a part of an elite academic work will show that you’re committed to your work and can deliver excellent results.

Clubs that focus on your field of choice will also serve you well. You’ll be able to learn about the latest in your profession, as well as get to know other students that you very well may be working with in the future. Some employers have relationships with industry clubs, so your organization may also be integral to you finding an internship or job in the very near future.

Consider becoming a part of any, or many of these clubs to see how you can improve your career.

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