100 Best Blogs for the Literati

If you feel that you’re destined to be an intellectual long after you graduate from college, you’re going to have to work a little harder to keep up with high brow culture and scholarly debates on your own. These 100 blogs will help you jump in on the discussions influencing the art, literature, political and culture worlds, even without the support of your professors and fellow classmates.


From ancient art to modern art critics, you’ll find it all here.

  1. jameswagner.com: New York writer and arts calendar editor James Wagner posts pictures of art works and artists while commenting on the politics of art.
  2. Two Coats of Paint: Get the background stories and reviews of painters and their works, plus exhibition news.
  3. NEWSgrist: Consider the politics of art in the digital age when you read New York artist Joy Garnett’s profiles and reviews.
  4. Bearded Roman: Study classic art and classical art traditions here.
  5. Happy Famous Artists: This counter culture art blog is for the “intelligensius anarchus.”
  6. Art21 Blog: Keep up with exhibitions from San Francisco, CA to China to Argentina while reading reviews, profiles and international art trends.
  7. Art Ravels: Art lovers of all types will love browsing posts on this blog, which covers Picasso, New York art fairs, film, books, auctions, Shakespeare and more.
  8. Art Fag City: Get news from the New York City art world here.
  9. Edward Winkleman: Get in-depth, smart commentary about international artists, art awards, art culture and more.
  10. artcritical.com: This online art magazine brings you contemporary art news, features about iconic artists, and more.
  11. Regards curieux: This blog from Lemonde.fr covers new art, theatre revivals, opera, music and other cultural exhibitions of note.
  12. Art Market Blog: Nicholas Forrest’s art market blog covers the international market.
  13. The Warhol Influence: From sex to fame, find out how Warhol’s influence is still around.
  14. Painting History: Learn about “history painting,” our the paintings of major historical events.
  15. Art Deco: Fans of the 1920s and 1930s will appreciate this art deco blog.
  16. Illicit Cultural Property: This blog is written by “a legal academic studying art” and addresses current research in all three.

Politics and Law

These political and legal thought blogs will help you analyze current events more deeply.

  1. Public Reason: Public Reason is “a blog for political philosophers” that invites academic political scientists and students to join in the discussion.
  2. Legal Theory Blog: This blog discusses various political theory debates, from intellectual property to Constitutional theory to ethics, the environment and economics.
  3. Intro to Political Theory Blog: Political science students contribute to posts about Machiavelli, Locke, MLK, political action and more.
  4. LexMonitor: Get summaries of posts from law blogs across the web, including articles about judiciary law, law school, and more.
  5. Poliblogger: This blogger believes that “politics is the master science.”
  6. PrawfsBlawg: This law professor blog values intellectual honesty above all else.


These history blogs cover manuscripts and the history of books, as well as culture, European history and beyond.

  1. Wynken de Worde: Read about the history of books and early modern culture here.
  2. diapsalmata: This blog is written by a PhD student at Duke’s English department and covers early modern history, cultural history, book history and more.
  3. BibliOdyssey: View illustrations from historical manuscripts and old books.
  4. Bavardess: From feminism to manuscripts to the French Revolution, you’ll find all kinds of interesting posts about history here.
  5. History News Network: The HNN is a great resource published by George Mason University that features breaking news, blogs, book reviews and more.
  6. History of American Women: This blog has a massive archive of biographies and posts about the women behind the Declaration of Independence, American Revolution, and more.
  7. Strange Maps: Find random, strange historical maps from The Turkish-Islamic Empire, 19th century London, and beyond.
  8. Paleoglot: Study etymology of ancient worlds here.
  9. Iconoclasm: Here you can read about early Christian iconoclasm and ancient archaeology.
  10. bookn3rd: This book history blog features high quality images of old manuscripts.

Society and Culture

From entertainment and pop culture to design trends to sociology, these blogs celebrate the lifestyle trends that determine different societies, from the ancient world to now.

  1. Social Science Statistics Blog: Discuss findings and analysis from the Institute for Quantitative Social Science here.
  2. Culture Blog!: SFGate’s culture blog comments on everyday events but also greater issues that shape our views on sexuality, design and more.
  3. Good Prattle: “The art of conversation” is the topic of choice on this blog, which interviews Hollywood actors.
  4. The Cool Hunter: Follow this blog to make sure you’re in the know when it comes to fashion, art, gadgets, kid stuff, travel, design and more.
  5. Vulture: New York Magazine’s Vulture blog stalks pop culture, from Broadway to TV to music.
  6. Culture Pundits: Read all kinds of culture blogs and arts websites from this culture HQ.
  7. The Celtic Anthropology/Culture Blog: From dance to magazines to sports to music, get all things Celtic from this blog.
  8. CuLT cultural studies blog: This blog discusses Poe, Italian neo-realism, Marxism, Samuel Beckett, feminism and other revolutionary thinkers and movements.
  9. The Memes of Production: This blog is part cultural studies group part commentary on society, covering media, academia, literature, music, trivia and the Internet.
  10. Sociology Lens: Sociology Lens is the blog for the review journal Sociology Compass.
  11. A Very Public Sociologist: This blog comes with “a militant twist” and covers Internet culture, Foucault and everything in between.
  12. anthropologi.info: Get news about sociology and anthropology studies, reports and issues.
  13. Culture Matters: On this blog, you’ll find out how to apply the study of anthropology to learn more about the modern world.
  14. Us and Them: This blog discusses races, ethnicity, nationalism and identity.
  15. Culturetopia: This podcast recovers NPR’s best arts and culture stories from the week.


Whether you want to learn a new language or just learn about the idiosyncracies of languages, turn to these blogs.

  1. Omniglot: Get words of the day and overviews of foreign languages and literature, from Luxembourgish to Greek to Welsh to Turkish.
  2. Languagehat.com: Get random musings on the history, culture and grammar of ancient Greek, Russian and more.
  3. Language Log: From learning languages to coding a la The Da Vinci Code, this blog studies everything language.
  4. A Way with Words: This public radio show speaks about all things language-related, from slang to pronunciation.
  5. Fritinancy: Read about all the quirks of the English language on this blog.
  6. Confessions of a Language Addict: This blogger muses on the relations between Dari and Irish, keeps up with his own language learning challenges, and shares historical overviews of all types of languages.
  7. Wordlustitude: Get a weird word of the day, like “colleague-icide” or “cluster-sexual-intercourse.”
  8. Naked Translations: Get English to French translations, culture guides, and more.
  9. Brave New Words: Brave New Words is a blog about translation.
  10. Slang o’ The Day: Get slang words of the day from American English, British English, computer slang, and more.


From classic literature to poetry to the modern publishing industry, get reviews, news and more.

  1. largehearted boy: This music and lit blog covers book news and reviews.
  2. NPR Books Podcast: Get book reviews, author interviews and book news here.
  3. Nonprofit Literature Blog: Read about literature and poetry that celebrates philanthropy.
  4. Esther’s Classic Literature Blog: Esther Lombardi writes about Kafka, Tolstoy and other iconic authors.
  5. Pepys’ Diary: Read daily journal entries from Samuel Pepys.
  6. Maud Newton: Maud posts about politics, literature, and culture.
  7. bookgasm: On bookgasm, you’ll find “reading material to get excited about.”
  8. Literature Blog: Get entertaining, well-written book reviews from various bloggers here.
  9. The Blog of Innocence: Find book reviews, meditations, essays and other narratives here.
  10. AustenBlog: Jane Austen lovers keep up with Austen-inspired works, TV specials and more.
  11. The Shakespeare Geek Blog: Find all kinds of Shakespeare-related topics, including reviews, sonnets, and news.
  12. The Elegant Variation: This Guardian ranked blog features interviews with authors like Philip Roth, plus reviews and news.
  13. Nathan Bransford – Literary Agent: Nathan blogs about the publishing industry.
  14. Books Blog: A Conspiracy of Smart People: Albany’s TimesUnion.com publishes this book blog that reviews new and older books.
  15. The Penguin Blog: Penguin UK blogs about booksellers, book reviews and more.


These philosophy blogs comment on literature, political theory, culture and more.

  1. Leiter Reports: A Philosophy Blog: Read about the academic profession of philosophy, philosophy news, and poetry, just for good measure.
  2. Cato Unbound: Check out the discussion on Cato Unbound, a “trading floor in the intellectual marketplace” that covers political theory, economics and more.
  3. Aristotle’s Feminist Subject: Read this blog if you’d like to discover how Aristotle was actually a chauvinist.
  4. Philosophy, et cetera: This blog tries to answer all of life’s questions.
  5. PEA Soup: PEA Soup’s contributors post about philosophy, ethics and academia.


Whether or not you’re a writer, you’ll find intriguing insight into the daily lives of writers, the publishing industry and the creative craft here.

  1. Writing the Renaissance: This young writer and Princeton alumna chronicles her historical fiction writing project about 16th century France.
  2. The Plotmonkeys: The four plotmonkeys talk about writing fiction.
  3. Paperback Writer: This blogger has also written 44 books.
  4. Wordswimmer: Learn about the writing process from different authors.
  5. The Urban Muse: Susan Johnston writes The Urban Muse, full of tips for writers and “adventures” about the creative lifestyle.
  6. Poetry Hut: Poetry Hut keeps you briefed on poetry news, trends and new releases.
  7. Books: The Guardian‘s book blog is a must-read for keeping up with the publishing industry, new titles and reviews.
  8. The Best American Poetry: Discover the best American poets from today and yesterday.
  9. Write for Your Life: Get practical writing tips if you want to start your own project.
  10. Editorial Ass: Here you’ll discover all the ins and outs of the publishing industry.


Study film beyond Hollywood by checking out these blogs.

  1. L’Oeil sur l’Ecran: This is another blog from LeMonde, commenting on films old and new.
  2. Category D: This film and media studies blog includes posts about the technical side of film making, film history, and criticism.
  3. The Case for Global Film: This group blog mostly ignores Hollywood filmmaking.
  4. Parallax View: Get film reviews of more obscure titles, as well as classics.
  5. The Seventh Art: The Seventh Art is a serious film blog covering Hitchcock, Polanski, “camera obscura” and more.

Music and Performance

These blogs cover opera, dance, theatre and music.

  1. The Official Weblog of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Mozart answers readers’ letters on this high brow humor blog.
  2. La Scena Musicale: Canada’s classical music and opera magazine blogs here.
  3. Opera Chic: Learn what’s new (and chic) in the opera world.
  4. Open Studio 455: Ballet dancers and trainees with the San Francisco Ballet blog here.
  5. The Jazz.com Blog: You’ll learn about performances, artist news and everything else about jazz.
  6. Steppenwolf: Go behind-the-scenes with one of the most famous American theatre companies.
  7. West End Whingers: This blog covers all that’s going on in London’s West End district.

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