How to Make the Most of a College Party

Big parties are an essential part of the college experience. Even if you’re really focused on your studies, it’s important to take the time to blow off steam, and parties are a great place to do it. Here’s how to find and really enjoy parties in college.

Finding college parties shouldn’t be hard. Talk to someone you know in a fraternity or sorority that can get you an invite to some of the best parties. Have a large social circle so that you can find out about a lot of the parties happening each weekend. Or, you can just walk around student neighborhoods and keep your ears open for a party. You can even spend time at a party to ask everyone where all of the other big parties are that night.

Dance, mingle, and get involved. You’ll be bored to tears if you’re just sitting in the corner watching everyone else have fun while you’re not doing anything. Get to know other partygoers, take photos, and have fun. Participate in games and make conversation with anyone who wants to talk to you.

Eat before you go. Don’t show up to a party with an empty stomach. Chances are, there won’t be much for you to consume at the party except for liquids and maybe some snacks. Filling up before a party is especially useful if you plan to drink, as it can keep you from becoming perilously drunk, and help prolong your buzz. It will also give you the energy to keep going late into the night and possibly even help you avoid the late night munchies when you’re done partying.

Be safe. You’re supposed to have a blast, but don’t let things get out of control. Walk, take a taxi, or be/use a designated driver to get around safely. Leave immediately if a fight breaks out, and trust your instincts if you’re feeling bad vibes about a party. Don’t accept open drinks unless you’ve personally seen it filled. Keep an eye out for alcohol poisoning and don’t hesitate to call 911 right away. And remember not to party alone-stay in groups and don’t leave friends behind.

With these tips, you can find great parties, have fun, and stay safe. Enjoy your college party years, and have a great time!

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