How to Choose Your College Major

It’s rare that students know what they want to do with the rest of their lives when they first enter college. And even though it seems a long ways away, it’s important for every student to ask themselves that question. Understanding what they want their futures to look like will help them shape their present college experience both academically and socially. But how do you choose a college major?

The first step in deciding which major to choose is to ask yourself what career you want to pursue after college. It’s like starting at the end of the puzzle and working your way to the beginning. After you know what job you would like to have, learn as much about it as you can. Check out job postings to see what educational qualifications potential employers require or speak with a local professional in the same field for their advice. Knowing that you want to be a physician will lead you to majoring in a scientific field, a future in nursing will lead to majoring in health, or if you would like to be a journalist you should major in communications. Or, if you love animals and are great in science classes, you could consider becoming a veterinarian.

If you are unsure of the profession you would like to pursue after college, choosing a major might be more difficult. Focus on the skills you are good at and the things you enjoy. For example, if you are really great at interacting with people and understanding biology, you may be a good nurse practitioner. math and enjoy spending time with kids, you might make an excellent mathematics teacher.  By first deciding what career interests you, you can narrow down your list of majors to three or four. Then, consider attending informational sessions about each major or speaking with the respective advisors. They can offer you great insight into the class requirements, industry and career possibilities with each option.

Choosing a major does not have to be a daunting task. It simply requires students to ask themselves what they’re interested in and what they’d like to do professionally after college. Knowing the answers to these questions and doing a little research will make their choice much clearer and simpler. Also, by choosing your major early, students will be better prepared for the classes, coursework and futures in general.

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