100 Excellent Twitter Feeds for Art Scholars

The Internet is overflowing with resources for art historians and art scholars, and as an online student, you’re probably encouraged to tap into all of the blogs, galleries, image collections and study materials found online. But if you want a constant stream of art discussion, news and artist profiles for the sake of your own research and passion, follow these 100 excellent Twitter feeds for art scholars.


For research or for fun, keep up with the collections and special events at museums across the world.

  1. @metmuseum: The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City is a mecca for art scholars.
  2. @V_and_A: This is the feed for the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.
  3. @brooklynmuseum: The Brooklyn Museum is one of the oldest museums in the country and also has a lively Twitter feed.
  4. @GettyMuseum: Follow the Getty Museum for art news, collection and exhibit news, and more.
  5. @SFMOMA: Keep up with everything that’s going on at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.
  6. @TheWarholMuseum: Pittsburgh’s Andy Warhol Museum tweets here.
  7. @americanart: The Smithsonian’s American Art wing tweets about artists, American history, collections, behind-the-scenes stuff, and more.
  8. @LACMA: The Los Angeles County Museum of Art shares fun things to do at the museum, artist news, field trip ideas and more.
  9. @Guggenheim: Keep up with art awards, openings and exhibits at the famous Guggenheim Museum in New York.
  10. @themodernfw: The Modern Art Museum in Fort Worth, TX, tweets about its collections, lectures, and more.
  11. @whitneymuseum: Follow this feed for resources, links and news about American contemporary art.
  12. @henryartgallery: Seattle’s oldest art museum tweets here.
  13. @britishmuseum: The British Museum tweets about exhibits like Garden and Cosmos and more.
  14. @cooperhewitt: The Smithsonian’s National Design museum posts links, photos and more regarding awards, special events, art promotion, and more.
  15. @MattressFactory: The contemporary installation art museum in Pittsburgh is a fun follow.
  16. @ASUArtMuseum: Arizona State’s art museum tweets here.
  17. @OKSMOA: Follow Oklahoma City’s Museum of Art for updates about film showings, artists, exhibits and more.
  18. @KimbellArt: The Kimbell, located in Dallas, is also known as “America’s Jewel Box.”
  19. @QueensMuseum: New York’s Queens Museum proudly tweets about collections at its and other museums.
  20. @museumist: This feed celebrates all things museums.

Galleries and Gallerists

Network with gallery owners and learn about more under-the-radar collections from these feeds.

  1. @LatZeroFineArt: Maria Arellano has a gallery in Orlando and likes to tweet about everything going on in the art world.
  2. @ArtCenter: Head to SecondLife to view works by contemporary artists.
  3. @garybrant: Gary Brant is an international art dealer and gallery owner in New York City who highlights choice artists and discusses the industry.
  4. @sethcarmichael: Get the best in street art news for filmmaker and gallerist Seth Carmichael
  5. @ParkWestGal: This established gallery is also a great resource for art news around the U.S.
  6. @apexart: This feed comes from a nonprofit that opens up exhibition space to artists.
  7. @agallerylondon: Learn about new contemporary artists in the London area and elsewhere.
  8. @endeavorarts: The Endeavor Art Gallery is a digital and new media art and event space in Calgary, Canada.
  9. @chinasquare: Keep up with Chinese contemporary art by following this New York City gallery.
  10. @sequentialart: This gallerist tweets all the cools shows and events going on at other galleries in Portland, OR.

Career and Events

Learn about job opportunities, join networks and keep up with industry news and events here.

  1. @ArtinGeneral: This nonprofit supports contemporary artists.
  2. @PULSEArtFair: This contemporary art fair, held in New York City and Miami, tweets about its favorite artists.
  3. @Art41Basel: The international modern and contemporary arts festival and network tweets from Switzerland.
  4. @GetArtDirecJobs: Look for art director and creative director jobs in the U.S. here.
  5. @scaddotedu: Whether you want to keep up with the students and exhibits at the Savannah College of Art and Design or get tips on managing your own creative career, follow this feed.
  6. @Jobs_SF_art: If you’re looking for an art or design-related job in San Francisco or the West coast, look here.
  7. @artinberlin: Keep up with the art world, artists, critics and events in Berlin and northern Europe.
  8. @Art_Institutes: Learn about continuing art education from this network of schools.
  9. @TokyoArtBeat_JP: If you can read Japanese, follow this feed for news from Tokyo’s art world.
  10. @ARTESCORTnyc: This art event planning feed will keep you in the know about things happening in the city.

Art history and Art scholars

These Tweeters seem to love art history just as much as you do. Follow them for discussion about Italian art, art and travel, UK art, art and archaeology, and more.

  1. @musuemnerd: @museumnerd is an art historian who tweets about museum exhibits and more.
  2. @museumtweets: Amy Fox is working on her thesis and is a great follow if you want to keep up with museum news and culture.
  3. @arttrav: Art history professor Alexandra M. Korey tweets about Italian art and travel.
  4. @modernpainters: Learn about modern painters and new exhibits here.
  5. @theartworld: Use this feed to connect to art history articles, images, and more.
  6. @janetedavis: This UK-based art and design historian works with archaeologists.
  7. @arthistoryblog: Follow The Art History Blog for links to posts about museums, art history in pop culture, and more.
  8. @ashleyindallas: Ashley is no longer in Dallas: she’s a recent grad studying art history and 17th century East-West relations.
  9. @rtdicello: Rita is an art historian, professor and Chagall fan.
  10. @arthistorygirl: Alicia is an “art interpreter” and museum professional in Cleveland.
  11. @safronia: Follow Sabrina, an art history grad student, for lively conversation.
  12. @DeedsAC: Deirdre Christensen is combines an interest in marketing and art history as she tweets away.
  13. @rebeccasuzanne: Follow this art history student as she considers grad school.

News and Media

Find reviews, connect with art critics, and keep up with artist interviews, special art events and more from these news and media outlets.

  1. @Art_News: Mark P. Venema shares news and criticism from the art world.
  2. @halfspoon_com: Follow this feed for art news, inspirational photos, museum events and more.
  3. @art21: This PBS project boasts plenty of educational resources, especially on contemporary art.
  4. @lisaradon: Lisa Radon is an art, performance and dance blogger in Portland who’s also an important resource for the art world.
  5. @artnetdotcom: Artnet Magazine shares reviews and news here.
  6. @culturemonster: The LA Times art writers tweet reviews, events, and plenty more.
  7. @DallasArtNews: If you want to know what’s going on at the Dallas-area art museums and galleries, follow this feed.
  8. @Whitehotmag: Here you can read interviews with artists and learn about art events around the world.
  9. @theartmarket: Follow this feed for news from the global art market.
  10. @artecontexto: Madrid’s culture, new media and contemporary art magazine tweets here.
  11. @artmarket: Art Market Monitor keeps tabs on auctions, sales, new artists and the art business.
  12. @nytimesarts: Get reviews and news from the New York Times’ art team.
  13. @CircaArtMag: This contemporary art magazine reports on artists, exhibitions and more from Ireland and beyond.
  14. @artwhirled: Get news from art blogs, galleries and more.
  15. @Carzoo: Toronto-based Andrea Carson writes about the art scene there.
  16. @NYArtBeat: Catch all the New York-area exhibits before they close when you follow this feed.
  17. PhotoPost: Read reviews for and highlights about up-and-coming photographers.
  18. @TopArtNews: This popular feed covers everything from theatre to music to art galleries.
  19. @GlobalArtNews: Read about the art industry here.
  20. @artinfodotcom: Get news about museums, artists, exhibits, and the art industry from @artinfodotcom.
  21. @artsnews: From stolen art to restoration work projects to new art shows, @artsnews covers it all.

By Genre

If you want to study a certain genre of art, check out these feeds that deal with photography, modern art, Middle Eastern art, design, street art, and more.

  1. @DailyImage: This feed is about more than just pretty pictures. Discover new artists and trends in photography.
  2. @maugermodernart: Mauger Modern Art’s feed highlights innovative art projects.
  3. @street_painting: Street painting fans and artists come together here.
  4. @IntSculptureCtr: This nonprofit group was “founded to advance the creation and understanding of sculpture and its unique, vital contribution to society.”
  5. @Zupi: For those who study Brazilian contemporary art, illustration, fashion and design, @Zupi has you covered.
  6. @designmilk: For architecture, modern design and art, check out @designmilk.
  7. @100artworks: Follow @100artworks for urban art and graffiti art.
  8. @greenartgallery: Study modern and contemporary Middle Eastern art when you follow this Dubai gallery.
  9. @CreativeReview: Consider the best in visual communication, including photography and graphic design.
  10. @flavorpill: Cutting edge art, architecture and film are discussed on this feed.
  11. @NAXMIX: @NAXMIX is fun to follow for a random dose of vintage fashion art, automobile art, modern art, photography and more.


Network with individual artists and get tips on how to use Twitter, the Internet and digital or mobile technology to promote art.

  1. @Traceyart: Tracey Corinne is a mixed-media artist and eco geek.
  2. @artbyscott2010: Scott is a freelance artist from Utah who shares his projects and inspiration on Twitter.
  3. @winston9191: Winston is an artist who recreates oil paintings and likes to get others involved in discussions about Da Vinci, Monet and more.
  4. @boltonart: This Plano, TX, artist has been featured online and has a unique online gallery.
  5. @writerauthorart: This young artist keeps everyone updated on her latest paintings and more.
  6. @asmallpainting: This California artist and RISD grad links to posts of his work online.
  7. @Sartorialist: Famed fashion photographer Scott Schuman has a truly artistic eye.
  8. @coloradoartist1: View works of art online and catch up on art news and the art market here.


From handmade goods to the President of the United States’ influence on art and culture, follow these feeds.

  1. @arthouse: Art House Co-op is an open art project for U.S. artists.
  2. @artcontests: Learn about art events, art contests, photo contests, residencies and more.
  3. @ArtFireJohn: John Jacobs is the President of ArtFire, an online shop of handmade goods.
  4. @bklynartprjct: Keep up with the DUMBO-based artists network here.
  5. @ExhibitDarfur: Follow this photo project that captures images from Sudan.
  6. @ArtOfObama: Art scholars who also study culture and history should check out this feed that follows all of the art and artists inspired by President Obama.
  7. @OldPixels: The person behind @OldPixels has been collecting Victorian images and illustrations for 20 years.

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