100 Twitter Feeds To Make You a Better Teacher

New technology is not only unavioidable, it’s a crucial part of education today. That’s why so many teachers are Tweeting, and many others are following close behind. After you set up your account at Twitter.com, be sure to check out some of these great education feeds. Who knows? You might even learn a thing or two.

Getting Started

If you’re new to Twitter (and even if you’re a pro), look into these useful feeds to find directories, groups, and tools you’ll use throughout your days as a teacher.

  1. Directory of Learning Professionals on Twitter. This directory includes teachers as well as corporate trainers, but offers over 800 people you could follow.
  2. Pulse of Education. All of these Twitterers are in education. Take a look at some of them and see if you are interested in following along.
  3. LearnHub. Get lots of education-related links from the Tweets here.
  4. Twitter4Teachers Wiki. This wiki provides teachers on Twitter and are organized by subject. You can add yourself to the list as well as find others with similar interests as you.
  5. TweetReport. This Twitter feed offers great information about using Twitter and other resources for Twitter.
  6. Twitter Groups: Teachers. This group keeps a running stream of all the member teachers’ Tweets in one place. Follow here, follow teachers individually, or add yourself to the group.
  7. Twitter Groups: Edubloggers. Read edubloggers’ Tweets or find specific ones you may want to follow.
  8. Twitter Professors: 18 People to Follow for a Real Time Education. While these educators are all working at a level higher than K-12, these professors share valuable experience using Twitter and keep their pulse on what is happening on a larger scope.
  9. yahooteachers. These teachers Tweet about plenty of educational information.
  10. Twitter Fan Wiki Universities. If you want to expose your high school students to a bit of college early, here’s a listing of university Twitterers you can follow along with the number of other followers and a short description of the content.

Teachers’ Aides

Even the most creative teachers need help sometimes. These Twitter pages provide links and tips from teachers, for teachers.

  1. Homeschoolers: Free help for homeschool teachers.
  2. Standards Toolbox: The Standards Toolbox is a free suite of K-12 online teacher tools, including a lesson planner, grade book, class web page, and more.
  3. Futurelabedu: Develops innovative resources and practices that support new approaches to learning for the 21st century.
  4. JustAskEdu: Parents, teachers, and others invested in education come ask for advice, ideas,and support.
  5. education_com: Offers information to support classroom education that caters to both educators and parents.
  6. DEN: Discovery Education connects teachers to their greatest resource: other teachers!
  7. techlearning: Great for computer science educators.
  8. New Teacher Survival: Get daily tips about how to survive at your new teaching job.
  9. Teachermagazine: A leading source for k-12 teacher leaders covering instruction, school environment, classroom technology, curriculum, and more.
  10. Scholastic Teach: Resources for every teacher to reach each and every child.
  11. Teaching Ideas: Provides free ideas, resources, links and news to teachers around the world.
  12. A Gift for Teaching: These Tweets come from a non-profit that gives away free school supplies and experiences to teachers and students in high-need schools through various programs.
  13. TSL Events: Exhibitions for education professionals in the early years, primary, secondary and special needs sectors.
  14. Teacher Corner: Provides free worksheets, lesson plans, bulletin boards and other free educational activities to teachers, parents and homeschoolers worldwide.
  15. Teacher Created: Teacher created resources, free lessons, and more for Pre-K to 8th grade teachers.
  16. For Teachers Only: Follow these Tweets to receive teaching tips, jokes, new product alerts, promotions, and much more!
  17. Tips for Teachers: Joel Heffner was a New York City teacher and teacher trainer. He now writes and conducts workshops. Follow him.
  18. KDS for Teachers: Innovative e-learning for teachers.


Need something to do while your students are working on assignments? Hop online and play with these fun Tweets.

  1. Outwit Me: On this site, you’ll find brainy Twitter games.
  2. Plinky: With Plinky, get a daily prompt question or challenge to answer.
  3. TweetTest: TweetTest offers a collection of mini games that use data from your tweets.
  4. Tweet Words: Get clues and guess the answer from this Twitter game.
  5. Twrivia: Twrivia gives a daily pop quiz with a new trivia question every day.
  6. Whose Tweet?: Test how well you know your Twitter friends with this game.


Keep up with current news, topics, and debates in education around the world.

  1. PoliticsK-12: The politics of U.S. public education.
  2. EDweek: Education Week leadership forum gives insight into some of the most knowledgeable people in education today.
  3. LATeducation: The LA Times education feed is for educators everywhere, not just Los Angeles.
  4. usedgov: Tweet with the U.S. Department of Education.
  5. TEAinfo: The Texas Education Agency Tweets about important K-12 news throughout the state and country.
  6. EducationBlog: This microblog contains the most important current events in education.
  7. GlobeEducation: Highlights from the Boston Globe’s education section.
  8. Preschoolers: Education.com’s twitter page that focuses on early childhood development.
  9. School Duggery: Keeps “an independent and occasionally sardonic eye on schools and education.”
  10. No Child Left Behind: Stay in touch with education legislature in Washington.

Higher Education

These colleges and organizations advocate university education for all.

  1. UT_CoE: The University of Texas College of Education, ranked third in the nation, is great for young teachers and college professors.
  2. HGSE: The official Twitter page of the Harvard graduate school of education.
  3. UT_CoE: The University of Texas College of Education, ranked third in the nation, is great for young teachers and college professors.
  4. Education is Freedom: These tweeters work to eliminate barriers to higher education.
  5. UNLVCOE: Check out the University of Nevada-Las Vegas College of Education twitter page.
  6. Top Hat Professor: Professor Layton helps you teach critical thinking skills.
  7. Ohio University College of Education: This state of Ohio college of education’s Tweets will keep you informed of events, technologies, and innovations in the world of teaching.
  8. UCF-DB College of Education: Current events and college information from the education school at UCF Daytona Beach.
  9. New England Board of Higher Education: Based in Boston, this Twitter works to increase access to higher education, from Maine to New Jersey.
  10. CBI Higher Education: Learn from this UK Organization, which promotes the relationship between universities, recent graduates, and businesses.

Organization and Productivity

With these tools, you’ll find that your life on Twitter and beyond will be more organized and productive.

  1. Tweetree: With Tweetree, you can view your Tweets in a conversational context.
  2. 21Tweets: With this tool, you can create a new habit.
  3. Twit2Do: Use Twitter to manage your to-do list using Twit2Do.
  4. twtvite: This event management Twitter app can help you plan classroom events.
  5. Twtask: Use Twtask to create simple tasks lists on Twitter.
  6. TwitterNotes: Make private notes for yourself on Twitter by using this tool.
  7. Twitterlights: Get one-click tweeting and content saving through Twitterlights.
  8. postica: Postica will let you post sticky notes on Twitter for reminders and more.


Follow these Twitter accounts for useful educational resources.

  1. @weather: You’ll learn about weather news from the Science News Blog from @weather.
  2. @donorschoose: Follow @donorschoose to learn about funding for public schools.
  3. @TWord_Chains: This account is a word game where you change one word into another.
  4. @eduguru: You can learn about Internet marketing and web development in education from @eduguru.
  5. @pbsteachers: Through @pbsteachers, you’ll get resources and more for teachers.
  6. @BBCeducation: Check out this Twitter stream to learn about education and news in the UK.
  7. @upromise: @upromise will help you get the latest news about savings, tips, and deals from Upromise.
  8. @CollegeBloggers: Be a part of this Twitter network to connect with college students, faculty, and alumni.
  9. @EarthquakeNews: Learn about earthquakes around the world from the USGS Earthquake Center’s account.
  10. @LearnHub: Follow @LearnHub, and you’ll find lots of education-related links.
  11. @digidirections: Check out @digidirections to learn about trends and advice in K-12 technology.


Make use of these tools to better manage your classroom group on Twitter.

  1. Tweetizen: You can start your own group, or find groups with specific interests on Twitter.
  2. HappyTwitday: Celebrate classroom birthdays on Twitter by using HappyTwitday.
  3. twtpoll: Take classroom polls and surveys with the help of this app.
  4. GroupTweet: You can make twittering in your classroom group-easy using this tool.
  5. Tweetworks: Tweetworks offers groups and threaded discussions on Twitter.
  6. tweetparty: Communicate directly with your Twitter group by using tweetparty.
  7. TwitOrg: TwitOrg offers a great way to create, manage, and join organizations.
  8. StrawPoll: Get tiny polls from StrawPoll.
  9. ConnectTweet: ConnectTweet will help you combine the voices of your group.

Teachers Just Like You

These Twitterers might not eat lunch with you in the teachers’ lounge, but they know what its like, and they’re full of support and encouragement.

  1. Teacher Tweet: A special ed teacher in New York City.
  2. Teachalot Girl: Words of wisdom from an enthusiastic teacher.
  3. Teach a Gifted Kid: This Houston teacher loves Tweeting about her Gifted and Talented students.
  4. Mr.Teacher: A high school teacher shares his most interesting student observations.
  5. Coolcatteacher: “Teacher building cultural bridges through technology for her children, students, and our future.”
  6. Concretekax: A young middle school teacher gives Generation Y tips about tech teaching, paperless classrooms, and student-centered learning.
  7. Brendano: Educator and eLearning professional Tweets links and important information for his colleagues.
  8. McPhysics: Aspiring physics teacher offers new teacher advice.
  9. Web English Teacher: This English teacher, technology advocate, and Web master is a Twitterer worth following.
  10. 2nd Grade Tchr: An elementary school teacher Karyn Keenan shares her successful teaching techniques and promotes interaction among colleagues via Twitter.


Make Twitter a sharing tool for photos, video, and more with these resources.

  1. Annotated Links: You can put several links and a note into one URL to share on Twitter with Annotated Links.
  2. LiveTwitting: During lectures, events, and more, you can use LiveTwitting instead of liveblogging.
  3. SnapTweet: Use SnapTweet to post your latest Flickr photos to Twitter.
  4. TweeTube: Share videos on Twitter using TweeTube.
  5. DreamTweet: Post your dreams and nightmares to share with the world using DreamTweet.
  6. TweetCube: You can share files via Twitter using TweetCube.
  7. TwitPic: You can share photos on Twitter, or find photos from all around the world using this service.
  8. PhotoTwitter: Use PhotoTwitter to take snapshots with your iSight and post to Twitter.

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