What Type of Engineer Do You Want to Be?

Engineers use mathematics and science to solve problems by developing inventive solutions. Through the use of technology they work on projects that concern mass transportation, environmental pollution, chemical manufacturing, the production of power, and management systems. If you are a creative and logical thinker who desires to improve the quality of everyday life, you may find that you are interested in majoring in engineering. But with the engineering field being as large as it is diverse, you may find yourself confused about exactly what kind of engineer you want to be.

Civil engineers design things, such as buildings, airports, roads, tunnels, and bridges, that help people function in everyday life, as well as systems, such as water supply and sewage, that enhance the quality of life. When designing projects they have to take into consideration factors like construction costs and possible environmental hazards that may interfere with or effect the quality of the project. These types of engineers supervise projects that deal with structure, construction, environment, and transportation.

Mechanical engineers design mechanical devices that either produce power or use it. Along with the design, they are also involved with the researching, manufacturing, and testing, that goes into developing a product. These types of engineers work with power-producing machines, such as electric generators and internal combustion engines, as well as power-using machines like material-handling systems, industrial production equipment, and machine tools.

Electrical engineers design electrical equiptment, as well as research, develop, and test that equipment, such as electric motors and power generators. Focusing on the generation of power supply, these engineers specialize in power systems and engineering and electrical equipment manufacturing. They work on projects that concern the lighting and wiring in buildings, as well as the design of eletrical systems such as communication systems, radar and navagation systems, and the electrical systems of automobiles and aircrafts.

Chemical engineers use chemistry to solve problems that concern the use or production of chemicals. They work with projects that concern large-scale chemical manufacturing by designing equipment, creating processes, and supervising production, as well as testing the methods of product manufacturing and byproduct treatment. These types of engineers must be knowledgeable of all facets of chemical manufacturing and can specialize in areas such as polymerization, oxidation, and nanomaterials.

Industrial engineers solve problems that concern production by figuring out the best way to utilize people, materials, machines, information and energy. They use mathematical methods to design manufacturing and information systems that will maximize efficiency while still meeting product requirements. They also develop management control systems, production planning and control systems, and systems for the physical distribution of goods and services.

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