Want to Learn About the World? Check Out These International Majors

Are you fascinated by different cultures, curious about other countries, or do you desire to work with people all over the world? When it comes to finding a career, you don’t have to settle for one on a local or even national level. If you know that in the future you want to go global, consider these international majors.

Students who are concerned about world issues and how they affect the military, economic, and cultural relationships between countries can major in international relations. These majors study different cultures, foreign policies, international politics, and world institutions and diplomacy. They take courses that address global issues such as terrorism, human rights, genocide, intelligence, and the environment, along with courses that focus on international procedures that deal with economy, law, politics, and security. Students learn how to think critically and develop their own thoughts on political and social issues by reading, researching, and writing essays. If you a politically-minded individual who enjoys traveling and appreciates different cultures and world views, you may want to consider majoring in international relations. A major in international relations equips one with the necessary knowledge and skills to successfully pursue career paths in business, foreign language, communications, and government and politics. Majors can become international relations officers, legislative correspondents, import/export coordinators, and foreign affairs analysts, and may find themselves working at government agencies, international organizations, travel companies, international businesses, and within the United Nations and Peace Corps.

Students who are interested in business practices, ethics, and economics and have a desire to apply them to a global market, might want to consider majoring in international business. These majors learn about how business is conducted in different countries by studying international trade laws, foreign market investments, and business transactions between countries. Combining business management and foreign relations, students take courses like accounting, finance, marketing, and management, and learn how to apply them at an international level through courses that cover topics like law of international trade, multinational corporate management, and comparative economic systems. If you are a business-minded individual with strong communication and interpersonal skills, you should consider pursuing a major in international business. This major prepares students for careers on the international level in finance, trade, marketing, consulting and management at international businesses, manufacturing companies, corporations, and trade organizations. They can go on to become customs brokers, export sales representative, foreign affairs specialists, foreign trade consultants, and international business development managers.

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