The Most Popular Majors in College

Trying to decide which major to study in college is incredibly difficult for some students. The majority of freshman college students list their chosen major as “undecided” and stay that way for at least one year. But it is important to choose you college major early so you won’t be behind in class requirements. To help college students better understand what majors are available to them, we listed the most popular majors, like nursing and education, according to the United States Department of Education. In the 2006-2007 school year, the USDE recorded 1,524,000 bachelor’s degrees awarded to undergraduate students.

The most popular major in colleges and universities in the U.S. is business. In 2007, there were 328,000 bachelors degrees awarded in this area of study. This includes business management, administration, finance, marketing and accounting. If you are good with numbers, like making decisions and have great leadership skills, a career in business might be the way to go. Also, business majors tend to find good paying jobs right out of school.

Nursing is the another popular college major according to the USDE, with 102,000 bachelors degrees awarded in 2007. Nurses generally enjoy science and mathematics, helping others and display a great sense of compassion. And with the nation currently facing a nursing shortage, this is a great major and career choice for students to consider.

Yet another popular major in college is social science and history. There were 164,000 bachelors degrees awarded in 2007 in this field. This major includes anthropology, economics, geology, sociology and political science. Students that major in social science and history often become government officials, teachers, analysts and social workers.

Another popular college major is education. 106,000 bachelors degrees in education were presented in 2007. Many students in this field specialize in elementary education and go on to become K-12 teachers. If you enjoy children, are an expert in a particular field and would like to teach others about that field, being a teacher might be of interest to you. Teachers are also generally creative, compassionate and enjoy helping others. Following classroom education, most states require prospective teachers to complete a half year to one year long student teaching program, where they will be mentored by veteran teachers.

With so many choices for college and universities students today, there really is something for everyone.

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