Mixing It Up: How Changing Locations Helps Online Students

Having a stable study spot in your home is vital to your success in an online course. However, sometimes it’s useful every now and then to incorporate a change of scenery into your study routine. Not only can the four walls of one’s own home drive online students stir crazy, but there are also times when you need to escape your home for a better place to study””like when there’s heavy construction on your street or when your roommate is throwing a party the night before your big test. After all, one of the many advantages of online learning is that you can log in to your courses at any time and any location you choose during the day or night. That means that any Wi-Fi hotspot is fair game for your studies, provided the owner of the locale doesn’t give you the boot for lingering around too long.

One of the best places you can go to study is a large, spacious coffee shop. I don’t recommend a pocket Starbucks that gets so crowded you won’t get a moment’s peace. Instead seek out a large, spread-out coffee shop with a relaxed atmosphere; you will probably want to avoid the ones that blare hipster music at high decibels. Either that or bring a pair of headphones to drown out any loud music or excessively chatty fellow patrons. The only time you will want to avoid a coffee shop is during the morning rush or at mealtimes if the coffee shop serves food as well.

Another place you can study, particularly if peace and quiet are what you seek, is your closest public library. Many of today’s modern libraries have designated study rooms where students can step inside, shut the door, set their laptop on some desk space and be free from all distractions. Besides, when you’re done hitting the books, you can check out something to read for fun to reward yourself.

Finally, if you are looking for a change of pace, see if any public parks in your city have free Wi-Fi. A growing number of public parks in large cities allow people to connect to the Internet either for free or for a small daily fee. It usually won’t break the bank to pay a small fee and you can study in the great outdoors instead of being cooped up in your home.

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