Some Mistakes Freshmen Make and How to Avoid Them

Freshmen have a wonderful opportunity ahead of them. They’re out there on their own, making a name for themselves, and getting an education. At the same time, they’re in a completely new world: college. This new world can be quite a surprise to many of them, and so it’s easy for freshmen to make mistakes while trying to figure out this new world. But, the important thing is that they learn from those mistakes. Here are some mistakes freshmen usually make, so you can learn from others without making the mistakes on your own.

Freshmen often make the mistake of forgetting all the good study habits they developed in high school. The college environment and its lack of accountability make it harder for freshmen to follow a study routine. Some end up studying in bed and falling asleep. Others try to study in the student center in front of all the televisions. And still others cease studying altogether. Instead, they get distracted by all of the exciting things to do around campus.

Of all the activities freshmen can choose from, exercising is one that often gets dropped from new students’ busy schedules. In addition to the health benefits, exercise can also greatly improve a student’s ability to think clearly, to concentrate, and to be creative. Through regular exercise, students can break up the sometimes boring routine of studying, thus allowing them to feel fresh and ready to work the next time they sit down at their desk.

But even when sitting down at a desk, it’s easy for some freshmen to put off doing work. College students often think that whatever it is can wait until later that night. Procrastinating and cramming are two habits that can ruin a student’s ability to understand course material. Because many courses build on old material, this can really affect grades in the long run, forcing you to ask your professor for more help.

One of the greatest mistakes freshmen make is that they fail to introduce themselves to their professors. Professors are the key to getting a great education, so to not develop a good relationship with them could significantly hurt you. Don’t be shy! A professor is there to help you achieve your goals.

Finally, some freshmen, during the excitement of that first year, forget to make a list of goals that they hope to achieve by the end of the year, by the time they graduate, and after they graduate. But writing down goals can help students earn good grades and stay focused. If they can keep their eyes on the prize, then they will succeed. And you will too.

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