Surviving College without a Car

You don’t have a car of your own. How on earth will you be able to explore and get around? While it may seem like an impossible task, surviving college without a car is rather simple, environmentally-friendly and not to mention a huge money saver—while your friends have to pay hundreds of dollars a semester for insurance, parking, maintenance, gas, and car payments, you’ll have the luxury of using that money on food, school and doing activities you enjoy. Below are the easiest ways to survive college without a car.

Forgot that those legs are actually attached to your body to help you move? If you live on or close to campus, walk to class. Walking will not only get you to your desired location and get the heart pumping which will boost your alertness, but it can also count as your daily exercise, helping you battle the Freshman 15. Also, try riding your bicycle to class. This also will give you some much needed exercise and will get you to your location much quicker than walking. But be careful where you "park." Most universities and colleges require that you apply for a bike permit and park only in designated bicycle areas.

Another option is to use the bus. Most public transit companies located in a college town offer discounted bus passes to students. Some even offer free rides if you have your college I.D., so get a paper bus schedule and map out your route. Some sophisticated public transit Web sites also have an option where you can map out your route online. Just type in your desired location and it will tell you what bus to take, where to catch it, where to exit and how much it costs. It will also tell you travel time estimations. It’s important to note that buses make a lot of pit stops, so give yourself a lot of cushion time if you have to be somewhere at a specific time. You can also take a cab. This isn’t something that should be done on a regular basis, but if you want to go out for a night on the town and the bus stops running around 11 p.m., your best bet is to call a cab. Not to mention this is a safer option. You don’t want anyone drinking and driving.

Finally, you can bum a ride. In college, you’ll be surrounded by thousands of people and although you may feel like one in a million, chances are there are hundreds of people from the same city as you. Make some friends and ask around to see if anyone is from your hometown. During the holidays or whenever you need a ride home, see if that person will take you. Remember that it is usually courteous to offer that person gas money.

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