10 Extreme Ways Kids Are Paying for College

With the rising cost of higher education and the current economic downturn, it is enough to make many college students start looking for creative ways to come up with money for school. The following list shares ten examples of ideas students have used that are truly interesting, unique, or just way out there. While you may be inspired to try some of these yourself, you may want to think twice before actually doing so.

  1. Going naked. Students who are members of the American Association of Nude Recreation for 18 months can apply for a $2000 scholarship. They must submit an essay supporting nude recreation. AANR also offers $1000 for scholarly articles promoting nudity and $500 for publishable pieces (and photos) about the benefits of going nude.
  2. Prostitution. This popular blog, Confessions of a College Call Girl, supposedly recounts the…uh…activities of a girl in college working to support herself. While some doubt the veracity of the assertions made on this blog, there are plenty of other stories of college women using the oldest profession to pay for school.
  3. Sell a kidney. A man in California tried to sell his kidney on Craigslist for $100,000 so that he could pay off bills, send himself to college, and start a college fund for his children. Unfortunately, he didn’t realize that such transactions are illegal in America, so the ad was removed.
  4. Egg donations. Some women, like this coed at California State University, Northridge, are selling their eggs for between $6000 to $8000 a donation. For women who are able to sell their eggs, some can make as much as $40,000 a year. Men can also sell their sperm, but typically receive much less per donation at around $75 per visit. The requirements for both are based heavily on education, physical appearance, and family medical history.
  5. Sell virginity. A 22 year-old woman auctioned off her virginity in order to pay off college debt and fund her upcoming grad school expenses. Some reports indicate that after news of the auction became public, she received bids up to $3.7 million for one night with her. It must run in the family. Her older sister worked at a brothel in Nevada for three weeks to pay for her education.
  6. Disco. Jason Hopkins took to the street in a different way, disco dancing to earn money for grad school. He taught himself to dance after studying John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever and has earned around $10,000 a year.
  7. Sell class notes. This student created a way to sell class notes to fellow classmates and earned just over $100 in just one class. With ideas for expanding, he may have made even more the next semester–or he may have run into another professor like the one in his Asian studies class where he was warned of the unethical practice on which he was embarking. He made $0 profit in that class (not sure about his grade).
  8. Get corporate sponsorship. Chris and Luke decided to set out to find corporate sponsors to pay their way through college. They offered to eat food, read magazines, drive cars, and whatever else it takes to market the corporate sponsors’ products in return for money to attend college. As wacky as this may sound, it appears to have worked. Chris and Luke received corporate sponsorship from First USA and went to Pepperdine University and University of Southern California, respectively.
  9. Networked begging. One college student sent out an email begging for money to help finance his tuition at New York University. By asking for amounts as small as $2.50, he earned $6,000 from his friends, friends of his friends, and friends of those friends. Describing his situation with a mom on disability and a father working three jobs, the college freshman clearly knows a thing or two about persuasive writing.
  10. Gay porn. A student at a Christian college in Western Pennsylvania was recently suspended when another student at the school recognized him from a gay porn movie. The porn actor claims he did it to pay for college and explained that he could earn up to $8,000 a scene. Luckily, he worked out a deal with the school so that he still gets his diploma, but he isn’t allowed to participate in graduation (even if he promises to remain clothed).

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