The Best of Both Worlds: Taking Hybrid College Courses

You don’t always have to choose between online courses and traditional courses. More and more colleges are offering hybrid courses, or courses that present a blend of classroom learning and online learning. Many students enjoy the fact that hybrid classes combine the strength of both methods of learning. Students benefit from the flexibility and independent study that online classes offer while not missing out on the face-to-face experience of a traditional classroom environment.

In a hybrid course, instructors may require the entire class to meet in one place at one time for the first class, but then conduct most of the other classes online, bringing students together from time to time for lab work, exams or intensive instruction. Instructors let their students know ahead of time through the course syllabus when they will need to show up to a physical classroom so that students can plan accordingly. This type of hybrid set-up requires mostly online work with a few classroom-based meetings included.

At York College, however, hybrid courses are defined as courses in which 50 to 70 percent of the course’s meetings are conducted in a face-to-face format. So it’s possible for hybrid courses at York College to be held mostly in a classroom environment or for the time to be evenly divided between in-person and online meetings.

Some hybrid courses require students to attend lectures on campus once or twice a week and then complete the rest of the course online using a course management system such as Blackboard or Angel. These learning platforms allow students to submit homework online using a virtual drop box, participate in online discussions and access course materials, such as audio/video files and PowerPoint presentations, through the online system. To succeed in a hybrid courses, students must be willing to participate in both the classroom and online experience.

Hybrid courses are great for students who enjoy the rich learning environment available online but also enjoy face-to-face communication with their instructor and fellow classmates. For students who also want a more flexible schedule, hybrid courses truly allow for the best of both worlds.

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