100 Blog Posts You Should Read Before Going to Law School

By Hannah Watson

If you’ve decided that law is the career for you and want to head back to school, there are a lot of things you need to consider before making a choice. After all, figuring out where you’ll spend the next three years of your life and a hefty chunk of change is a big decision. Here are some articles that will help make it easier to get in, finance your education, learn about what law school is like, and even consider potential careers in law fields.

Getting In

The first step to a career in law is getting accepted into law school. These posts can help increase your chances of acceptance and decide where you want to go.

  1. Why Do You Want to Go to Law School?: Have you taken some time to seriously consider why it is you want to go into the law? This post addresses some of the issues in law teaching and other careers you should consider within law.
  2. HOWTO: Figure Out What a Law School Is Like: Learn how to find a good match for what you want and need in a law program with help from this post.
  3. Law School: Get Ready and Go: Check out this post to read about how to prepare for and choose a law school.
  4. Reasons to Avoid Law School; Reasons to Still Go: This post weighs the pros and cons of attending law school helping you get a well-rounded view of things.
  5. The Minimal Increase in Law School Applications: While generally, applications to grad schools increase in times of economic downturns, learn why you won’t be facing any additional competition for law school.
  6. Getting Into Law School With A Low GPA: Did you not fare so well in undergrad? Find out more about how it may affect your law school applications here.
  7. Quick Tip: Letters of Recommendation: You’ll need some letters of recommendation to get into school, so learn the best ways to ask for and get them.
  8. Chances of Acceptance: This post will teach you how to calculate your chances of getting accepted into the schools of your choice.
  9. Law Student Resume For Law School Admissions: Get a few tips on tricking out your resume for law school applications in this post.
  10. Part-Time J.D. Programs: If you can’t go back to school full-time this post can help you learn more about part-time programs.
  11. Three Early Steps to a Smooth Admissions Cycle: Get a better idea of what you should be doing early on when it comes to law school applications.
  12. Killing Your (Essay) Babies: Here you can get some good tips on writing a better law school admissions essay.
  13. Dealing with Your Past: Disclosing Criminal Issues on Law School Applications: Read this post to learn how your criminal past should be dealt with when applying for law school.
  14. A Law School Professor’s Advice to an Applicant: Through this post you can get some advice from a law professor on what you should do to improve your chances of getting in and being successful.

Getting Started

These posts can help you navigate those first few months of law school with greater ease.

  1. The Summer Before Law School Reading Lists: Make the most of the time you have before you’re bogged down by schoolwork to get some great preparatory work done.
  2. What To Do Before Law School: This post offers some advice on how to prepare for law school before the first day.
  3. Words You Should Know …BEFORE Law School: Read this blog post to find out some words you should add to your vocab.
  4. Five Law School Orientation Tips (Plus Five More): Make it through law school orientation in one piece with some advice from this post.
  5. Getting Ready for Law School?: This post offers a couple of interesting reads to look through before you begin school.
  6. The Summer Before Your First Year of Law School: Learn how you can make the most of your summer before school and what you should do to get ready in this post.
  7. Pre-Law School Tips and Advice: Read through this post to get some great advice on preparing for law school.
  8. 1L FAQ: Here you’ll find some common questions new students have about law school and some helpful answers.
  9. Don’t Mention It: Get some advice from another law school student on everything from Facebook use to how to act in school.
  10. Advice to the Class of 2012: This post is full of tips for law school students on how to spend the summer before law school, including getting in shape and not freaking out about school.

Paying for School

Law school isn’t cheap, so learn more about how you can finance your education, keep costs under control, and deal with law school debt from these posts.

  1. Paying for Law School: Debt Matters: Get some good advice on managing debt from school in this post.
  2. Paying Law School Loans Without a Job: What happens when you graduate from law school and can’t find a job? How do you pay back your loans? This post offers some guidance.
  3. Sharp Jumps in Public Law School Tuition: Learn why you could be paying more for school if you’re just starting out.
  4. Law School Loan Forgiveness: In this post you can get some tips on whether or not you’ll qualify for loan forgiveness.
  5. High Cost of Law School Loans: This blog can show you some of the ramifications of law school debt.
  6. Bankruptcy Doesn’t Discharge $350,000 of Law School Debt: Read this post to learn why law school debt is a serious thing– one that you can’t shake even by declaring bankruptcy.
  7. Get Your Legal Legs Under You when Paying Off Law School Tuition Debt: This post can help you learn about some of the basics of paying off your debt.
  8. Law School: Ways to Pay: Here you’ll learn about the variety of costs included with going to law school and some ways that you can help manage and pay them.
  9. Paying for Law School: Considering the Costs: Through this post you’ll learn about ways that you can reduce the amount of law school debt you accrue.
  10. The cost-benefit analysis of attending law school in the new legal marketplace: Is going to law school still worth it? Get the numbers here.
  11. Too Much Student Debt = Not Fit to Join the Bar?: Law school debt may make it hard to be a lawyer if you let it go, as this post discusses.
  12. New Federal Loan Programs: You may be able to qualify for some beneficial loan programs to help you attend law school. Read more here.

Getting a Job

Learn what getting a job will be like after you graduate from school with some advice and information from these posts.

  1. Out-of-work lawyers try to be paralegals, secretaries: Finding a job as a lawyer is hard, and many are working in related professions, like in the paralegal field, as this post discusses.
  2. Fall Recruiting: What Law Students Need to Consider: Learn ways to make yourself look good to recruiters in this post.
  3. Law School Grads Face Tough Job Market: Job hunting isn’t easy. Learn what grads now are facing so you can prepare yourself upon graduation.
  4. No Sympathy for Unemployed Lawyers: If you can’t find a job after graduation don’t expect much sympathy as this post relates.
  5. Dealing with the Reality of the Legal Market: The job market for lawyers isn’t great at the moment, so learn to make the most of the opportunities that are out there with this post.
  6. Work the Room Comfortably at a Conference: This post will help you learn how to network and make the most of the law conferences.
  7. Paralegal Schools Online: Learn how starting a blog might be able to help your job prospects according to this blogger.
  8. After Graduating Law School Is It Difficult To Find A Job?: Here you can get some insight into how difficult it is to find a job post-graduation.
  9. 5 New Books Every Job Seeker Should Read: When you’re fresh on the search for a job you should read these helpful books.
  10. Top Ten Job Search Engines: Learn some of the best places to look for a job after you finish school.
  11. Top Tips for Legal Resumes and Cover Letters: Check out this post to learn how to create a stellar legal resume.

Getting Through Law School

If you think going to law school will be easy, think again. These posts offer guidance and tips on getting through law school while maintaining your sanity.

  1. The Savvy Stylist: First Day of Law School: If you want to look professional when you head back to school get some tips on what to wear from this post.
  2. What can you do with an iPhone or Kindle in law school?: Get some advice on how to make the most of your gadgets while you’re in school.
  3. GTD for Law Students: Review to Relax: Here you’ll find one post out of a series on productivity tips for law students.
  4. When It’s Rough, It’s Right: Learn why law school may be giving you the most when it’s the hardest from this post.
  5. Dealing with Distractions: Read this article to learn how to better deal with distractions that can keep you from getting your studying done.
  6. Prepare for Law School Success During Your Pre-1L Summer: This post will help you plan your summer before law school to ensure you do better once school starts.
  7. Writing a Good Law Dissertation: If you plan on writing a dissertation while in law school, this post can give you some pointers on making it great.
  8. Have Cognitive Enhancing Drugs Arrived at Law School?: Learn about some of the dangers of taking cognitive enhancing drugs that might seem like a quick fix from this post.
  9. Enlightenment: This post offers some great and sometimes humorous advice on going to law school without regrets.
  10. Supplements, Oh My Supplements!: Here you’ll find advice on supplementing your readings for better grades in your courses.
  11. How To Reduce Your Stress In Law School: Law school can be a stressful place but you can learn to minimize its effects with help from this post.
  12. Stretch Before Finals: This post will give you a step-by-step guide to planning your study schedule.

Your Education

Make sure you’re getting most out of your law education by taking a look at these posts.

  1. Do Lawyers Need Accounting Training?: Could it help your career to learn a little more about accounting while you’re in school? Learn more here.
  2. The Pedagogical Goals of Law School Classes: This post addresses many of the things that first year law students find frustrating or confusing about school.
  3. Should Law Firms Have To Do Law Schools’ Jobs?: Here you can learn more about the things that your law school education may be excluding.
  4. Law Student Learning Styles: Read this summary of a study on the way law school students learn.
  5. Welcome to the Future: Time for Law School 4.0: Find out how law school can change and adapt in the future and the ways they’re failing today.
  6. Something They Didn’t Teach at Law School: Learn why you might want to pick up a new language while in law school.
  7. Laptops in the Classroom: Learning Tool or Time Waster?: Many law school students bring their laptops to class. Find out whether they’ll be a good note-taking tool or just a distraction.
  8. Applying First Year Law Classes to Real Life: While a big part of the material you learn in first year law school may not actually be applied in the courtroom, this post can help you make use of it nonetheless.
  9. What Did You Learn in Law School?: Find out what you may or may not be actually learning while you’re in law school.

Law Students

Get some advice and guidance from those who’ve gone before you by reading these posts by law school students past and present.

  1. How I Got Through Law School: This mom shares her insights on how she made it through law school in one piece here.
  2. Best and Worst of First Year: This older student shares thoughts on some of the ups and downs of being a first year law student.
  3. Being a Law Student: Share your concerns about law school with this blogger.
  4. Slaying the Law School Myth: There are a lot of myths about going to law school and entering the law profession. This blog post attempts to dispel some of them.
  5. Best Law School Advice Ever: Here you’ll get some whimsical advice on getting through law school.
  6. Technology Helps Blind Law Student Pursue Dream: Get some inspiration from another student who has overcome a lot of obstacles to make it to school.
  7. Paralegal Certificate: If you’re worried about feeling dumb in law school or paralegal school you’re not alone. Learn if it ever gets better from this blog.
  8. Imposter syndrome, redux: Those who are older and just now heading to law school can commiserate with this older student’s experiences.
  9. It’s All a Matter of Perspective: Get a little perspective and even a laugh from this post about the difficulties of law school.
  10. Looking Back on Law School: Learn about this particular student’s experiences in law school, including things she thought she would accomplish and how she thought school would change her.
  11. This Is the Song That Never Ends: Your work in law school may be just like the song that never ends, as this post discusses.

Test Taking

There are a couple of big tests you’ll have to take in order to become a lawyer in most states, like New York, California, and the state of Wyoming, and you can get some advice on how to do the best you can on them with these posts.

  1. What to Do When the Bar is Over: Finally taking the bar can feel like a big relief but can leave you wondering what to do next. This post offers some suggestions.
  2. The Secret Weapon on the Bar Exam: Get advice on a secret weapon that can help you perform better on the bar.
  3. How To Study Effectively For The Bar Exam: If you’re unsure how to best study for the bar this post will give you some advice.
  4. How To Take A Dual Bar Exam: Does your profession require more than one bar exam? Learn how to study for both at once in this post.
  5. Bar Review a Second Time: Learn what you should do if you fail the bar and have to retake it through this post.
  6. Are Bar Review Courses Necessary?: Should you set aside money to pay for a bar review course? This post offers some advice.
  7. Bar Exam Advice: Get some basic advice on taking the bar exam from this post.
  8. LSAT Preparation: Before you can think about taking the bar you have to take the LSAT. Learn how to prepare from this site.
  9. What’s a Good LSAT Score?: If you’re not sure what you should be aiming for you can find out more from this post’s guide.
  10. How to Set LSAT Goals With Your GPA and School’s Entering Class Profile: This post will help you figure out what kind of LSAT score you should be getting.
  11. A Modest Proposal: Is There a “Best” Way to Study for the LSAT?: Get some pointers on finding the ideal ways to study for the LSAT from this post.
  12. Talking LSAT Prep with Steve Schwartz: This professional LSAT tutor shares his advice on the ways to ace the LSAT.

Law and Lawyers

These posts address a range of issues related to the law profession, working in law and deciding on a career path.

  1. Five Ways Millenials Can Prepare to Change the Legal Industry: This post will give you some inspiration on how you might just make a big splash in the legal profession when you start your career.
  2. It Wasn’t Like This On Law and Order: Get some insight into what it’s really like to be an Assistant DA– as this blogger points out it’s sure not like on TV.
  3. The Question: Inevitably your friends and family will ask you what kind of law you’re going to practice. What will your answer be? This blog addresses the infamous question and how you can come to an answer.
  4. Tips for Finding Career Alternatives: If law doesn’t work out what will you do? This post offers some alternatives for work.
  5. Coming to Terms with Working Life: Making the transition from school to working life can be hard, as this post addresses.
  6. Everyone Seems to Know But Me: Feel like you’re the only one who doesn’t know what they want to do after graduation? This blogger shares your pain.
  7. Finally My Paralegal Experience Pays Off: Those who’ve had lots of experience working as a paralegal, oft maligned in law school, can see how it might finally come in handy with this post.
  8. Would You Do It All Again?: This post offers the answers of present-day lawyers as to whether or not they’d go through law school again.
  9. Law Students Can Network with Lawyers: Learn about this social networking site that can put students in touch with valuable contacts.

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