Exam Week Relief

Towards the end of the semester, it’s really easy to fall in a rut. The exam week looms before you. You feel burned out from all of the studying. You’re tired of researching for your papers. You just want to relax and enjoy your winter break. But you can’t, because it’s only the second day of exams and you really need to study hard to keep up your scholarship. So what can you do to alleviate some of this exam week stress? Seek out temporary relief. It can’t hurt to give yourself a few breaks here and there to make the study routine a little easier.

Because you’re the one in charge of your education, you know best how your mind and body react when they’re stressed out, so you should reward yourself accordingly. If you know you study better after a good night’s sleep, then give yourself a break and take a nap. If you know that exercise helps you concentrate, hit the gym. Knowing your limits and your needs, and meeting those needs during exam week is the easiest way to find some relief.

Look to others for help too. Ask your friends to distract you with a movie or a dinner. Most certainly they’ll need a break too. Rely on your study group to set the pace and lean on each other when the going gets tough or when the study break has gone on long enough. The old saying that there’s safety in numbers can easily apply to your study habits. In a group, you’ll be able to relax better, and you’ll be able to focus better, as long as you all hold each other accountable.

Often your school will provide its students with exam week relief. University-sponsored relief can take the form of all night pancake dinners, or intramural athletics tournaments, or even parties. These school-wide events can help everyone feel as though the school is a big community that both works and plays hard. Feel free to enjoy yourself during these activities, but be careful you don’t get too carried away and distracted from your own work.

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