Some Advantages of Working Part Time in School

More and more students nowadays are working part time jobs while they attend classes, and it’s no surprise to hear this fact. After all, costs of tuition are rising, room and board at universities is more expensive, even living on your own can cause trouble for your budget. Part time jobs are a way of alleviating some of these financial worries. However, not only are there great short term advantages to working part time while in school, but also students can use their part time work while in school to gain valuable professional experience that will better prepare them to start a career right after they graduate.

Some students will prefer a part time job that is both easy on their schedule and makes few demands on their physical and mental abilities. These jobs are simply a way of earning a little bit of income to help with groceries, tuition, or some extra spending money for the weekend. There’s certainly nothing wrong with a job like this, especially if it really has a minimal impact on a student’s life. For example, working in the campus mailroom can offer decent hours and a relatively low-stress job. An even better option would be to work as a front desk attendant in the fitness center room or computer lab. If you can get a shift during the less busy hours of the day, you might be able to study as you work.

Other students might consider working a job that can help them in the long term. These jobs will be more demanding on their time, but they will also function as learning opportunities. Often students can find these jobs through their degree programs or the university career services office. Because these jobs can help launch a student into a career right after graduation, they are often much more competitive. Be aware though, that some of these jobs may only function as unpaid internships; those that do often ‘pay’ you in course credit, so that’s a tradeoff you’ll want to keep in mind.

The most important thing about working a part time job in college is that you make sure it will help you achieve whatever educational and career objectives you have established for yourself.

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