100 Best Twitter Feeds for Librarians of the Future

If you’re studying to become a librarian, Twitter is a great place to find information. Whether you’re learning from other library professionals, staying on top of news, or checking out resources, you can find what you need on Twitter. Read on, and you’ll find 100 of the best Twitter feeds for future librarians.

Library Professionals

Read these Twitter feeds to learn what library professionals are up to.

  1. @jessamyn: Jessamyn West is an influential rural librarian.
  2. @shifted: Jenny Levine is shifting libraries and the American Library Association.
  3. @conniecrosby: Connie is a guerilla librarian, geek girl, and book lover.
  4. @infodiva: @infodiva is an information professional who blogs about library information services and more.
  5. @libraryfuture: Joe Murphy shares his thoughts on the future of libraries.
  6. @Akearns: Amy Kearns is a librarian who loves technology, teaching, politics, and more.
  7. @alalibraryval: Valerie Hawkins is the Library Reference Specialist at the American Library Association.
  8. @Librarian: This librarian reaches the parts other libraries have yet to reach.
  9. @kenleyneufeld: Kenley Neufeld is a community college librarian and teacher who is obsessed with the social web.
  10. @kishizuka: @kishizuka is the technology editor of School Library Journal.
  11. @geeklibrarian: Geek Librarian is a geek helping public librarians into the world of Web 2.0.
  12. @tai_fighter: Tai is a librarian by day and night.
  13. @MaceyALA: Macey Morales is the Manager of Media relations for the ALA.
  14. @kgs: KG Schneider is a librarian who enjoys writing, homebrewing, and procrastinating.
  15. @janettefuller: Janette Fuller is a librarian and children’s literature specialist.
  16. @glambert: This law librarian discusses knowledge management, competitive intelligence, social media, and more.
  17. @alanlcohen: Alan Cohen is a professional librarian and entrepreneur.
  18. @heyjudeonline: Judy O’Connell offers a look into transforming education and libraries.
  19. @pfanderson: PF Anderson is an emerging technologies librarian interested in informatics, search engines, Web 2.0 and more.
  20. @mstephens7: Michael Stephens is an educator, librarian, and blogger that encourages his followers to never stop learning or dreaming.
  21. @LesaHolstine: Lesa Holstine works as a librarian, book reviewer, and blogger.
  22. @davidleeking: Read what David Lee King has to say about libraries, social media, and digital communities.
  23. @infogdss29: Beth Gallaway works as an intrepid virtual librarian.
  24. @msauers: Michael Sauers is a technology innovation librarian.


With these feeds, you can find out about jobs available to librarians.

  1. @Libgig_Jobs: Find library jobs all over through @Libgig_Jobs.
  2. @libgig_talk: You can discuss LibGig on this Twitter feed.
  3. @GetLibraryJobs: Check out @GetLibraryJobs for jobs, careers, and community.
  4. @ALA_JobLIST: This feed is an excellent source for jobs in library, information science, and technology.
  5. @UKLibraryJobs: Get information about jobs in UK libraries here.
  6. @LibraryCrossing: @LibraryCrossing highlights jobs in libraries of all kinds.
  7. @alaplacement: @alaplacement offers job placement and career information for library and information science workers.
  8. @LibInfoSciJobs: Find jobs for LIS professionals in and outside the library through @LibInfoSciJobs.
  9. @tmj_usa_library: You can find library and information science jobs through TMJ-USA Library Jobs.
  10. @libassociates: @libassociates offers recruiting, consulting, and more for libraries.


Read these feeds to learn about the latest in library news.

  1. @LISNews: Find library and information science news on this Twitter feed.
  2. @LibraryJournal: Read @LibraryJournal to get library views, news, and book reviews.
  3. @alanews: Read news from the American Libraries Association here.
  4. @TransparentLib: Read about The Transparent Library column in this Twitter feed.
  5. @SAGElibrarynews: @SAGElibrary news offers a look into publishing in academic, educational, and professional markets.
  6. @sljournal: This journal is the world’s largest reviewer of children’s and young adult material.
  7. @Library_land: Use @Library_land to stay up to date with library news.
  8. @ncacensorship: Find news about censorship from @ncacensorship.
  9. @liswire: @liswire serves as the librarian’s news wire.
  10. @librarybeat: @librarybeat offers library news, trends, and opinion.
  11. @pr_library: Find top library news from @prlibrary.
  12. @LJBookReview: @LJBookReview offers book reviews and book news.
  13. @libraryleadpipe: Find peer reviewed library blogging on Library w/ Lead Pipe.


You can follow the activities of library organizations on these feeds.

  1. @libsmatter: Learn about news and links from Librarians Matter.
  2. @del_censorship: Delete Censorship encourages librarians and readers to exercise their First Amendment rights.
  3. @alanmrt: If you’re a new member of the ALA, be sure to check out this feed.
  4. @NPOLibNetwork: This network serves Canadian nonprofits.
  5. @OCLC: OCLC works to connect people to knowledge through library cooperation.
  6. @leabharlainne: The Library Association of Ireland works for librarians and the libraries of Ireland.
  7. @amlibraries: American Libraries is the magazine of the American Library Association.
  8. @ALIANational: @ALIANational represents the Australian Library & Information Association.
  9. @forumupdates: Learn about the Prison Library Project from this Twitter feed.
  10. @ALA_TechSource: This feed shares resources for librarian geeks and technology innovators.
  11. @LivingLibrary: This organization works to promote the Living Library on a global level.
  12. @alaconnect: Become a part of the library community and get connected through @alaconnect.
  13. @ALALibrary: This library discusses librarianship and ALA.
  14. @REFORMAnet: REFORMA National promotes libraries and information services to Latinos and those who speak Spanish.
  15. @CalLibAssoc: This organization supports the libraries of California.
  16. @tomstader: Tim founded The Library Project, which provides books to rural Chinese elementary schools.
  17. @ALA_LITA: @ALA_LITA represents the Library and Information Technology Association.
  18. @AtYourLibrary: At Your Library is the ALA’s public awareness campaign to promote the value of libraries.
  19. @oitp: Here you can read about the ALA’s Office for Information Technology Policy.
  20. @TXLA: The Texas Library Association is the largest state library association in the US.
  21. @medlibs: @medlibs shares group tweets for medical librarians.
  22. @alscblog: @alscblog represents the Association for Library Service to Children.
  23. @librarycongress: Check out @librarycongress to learn from the largest library in the world.
  24. @NJLA: Here you’ll find tweets from the New Jersey Library Association.
  25. @ALLforBooks: 13 year old Adele Taylor created this library literacy organization.
  26. @CulturattiKids: This organization supports public school libraries and literary arts programs.
  27. @oif: The Office for Intellectual Freedom encourages people to read banned books.
  28. @ala_rusa: @alarusa represents the Reference and User Services Association of the American Library Association.
  29. @MaineLibraries: Check out the Maine Library Association here.
  30. @geekthelibrary: Geek the Library is a public awareness campaign for public libraries and their critical funding issues.
  31. @MrMLibrarian: Mike McQueen works to get boys to read.
  32. @IFLA_HQ: Get news from the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions here.
  33. @ala_island: Find out what’s happening in the ALA Second Life island here.
  34. @yalsa: @yalsa represents the Young Adult Library Services Association of the American Library Association.


Follow these feeds to get access to great library resources.

  1. @GlobalLib: @GlobalLib shares global and international library information for librarians.
  2. @LibraryRemix: @LibraryRemix offers a rethinking of libraries.
  3. @LITAcamp: LITAcamp is a technology unconference for libraries.
  4. @LibrarySecrets: @LibrarySecrets tells the secrets of the library.
  5. @AccessMyLibrary: @AccessMyLibrary advocates for increasing discoverability of library content online.
  6. @openculture: @openculture shares the best cultural and educational media on the web.
  7. @AskALibrarianUK: As these librarians a question, and they’ll answer.
  8. @librarythingtim: Here you can read the musings of LibraryThing’s founder.
  9. @mlibraries2009: Lean about the Mobile Libraries Conference here.
  10. @alcts_crg_ce: Here you can find out about continuing education opportunities for librarians.
  11. @Internet_Archive: The Internet Archive is an Internet library with permanent access to historical collections in digital format.
  12. @infodoodads: Here you’ll find librarians tweeting about information and information tools.
  13. @library2: Find ideas for Library 2.0 here.
  14. @twittbraries: @twittbraries discusses libraries and librarians who use Twitter.
  15. @TextALibrarian: @TextALibrarian offers SMS/Text message reference services.
  16. @FairlyUsed: Here you can find out about copyright and fair use.
  17. @libraryconnect: @libraryconnect offers partnerships with librarians.
  18. @findingDulcinea: @findingDulcinea is the librarian of the Internet.
  19. @timelines: @timelines will help you discover, record, and share history.

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