Making the Most of a Small Dorm Space

One of the things that make transitioning to a college residence hall so difficult is being confined to such a small space. And you have to share that teeny space with a roommate to boot! It’s not easy to be cooped up in such a small dorm, but here we will discuss a few tips that will help you and your roommate make the most of a small dorm space.

One of the best things you can do is commit to keep your space impeccably clean. Even if you’re not a neatnik, you will need to become one if you want to have any sort of sanity in your tiny dorm room. A simple pair of jeans left on the floor or a bed left unmade can make a small space feel out of control. Another good idea is to become a minimalist, at least temporarily. Keep as much of your stuff as possible back home with your parents until you get an apartment with a larger amount of space for all your things. If your parents are itching to turn your high school bedroom into a guest room, you may have to spring for a storage unit or stash the things you can’t part with in your parents’ garage.

Now that you’ve ridden your dorm of any unnecessary clutter, we’ll talk about ways to manage the things you need every day in the small space you have. A good way of freeing up floor space is to mount some hooks or storage shelves on the wall. This is a great way of keeping backpacks, messenger bags, purses and keys off the ground. It’s also important not to over-furnish. If the only purpose of your bedside table is to hold your alarm clock, consider getting rid of it and using your cell phone as an alarm instead. Any piece of furniture that can be used by both you and your roommate is best. Having two of certain items will only clutter up your room.

Another good idea is to buy storage bins to stash under your bed. Here you can place all the things that would otherwise be lying around on surfaces in your dorm, such as your graphing calculator, clothing and shoes that won’t fit in your shared closet, and even your laptop when you’re not using it. Finally, consider adding a large mirror to a wall in your room. They are great at making a small space appear larger than it is.

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