College Pets: Fish, Hamsters, Cats, and Dogs

Sometimes, college students need a companion other than the many friends they see throughout the day. Often pets can provide a college student with just the right amount of distraction to help them relax after a tough day in class or a long night studying. Even though many universities have rules that limit the kinds of pets students can have in the dorms, students who live on campus have options. Those students who live off campus have more options regarding the kinds of pets they can have. If having a pet is really important to you, then you might consider finding pet-friendly housing rather than live on campus.

If you do live on campus, you might be able to keep a fish or a hamster as a pet, as these require a small amount of care. You might have to clean out the fish tank or hamster cage once a week. You need to only feed these pets once a day, probably. For your trouble, you can have a pet that can help you relax on tough days. Aquariums cast a very calming and pleasant glow in a room, and the activity of hamsters running in their wheel or digging around their cage can be a great distraction.

Students who have their own housing can get a cat or a dog to keep them company. Even though these animals require more care and veterinary upkeep, the emotional pay off is much greater. Cats are generally a quiet and calm animal that will happily sit with you while you work or relax on your couch. Dogs will also sit with you as you work, but will more likely want to go outside for a walk or to play catch. Their energy will be a good way for you to take some time off and enjoy the day. Cats and dogs might best suit a college student who lives away from school and doesn’t have easy access to the social life on campus.

Before you get a pet, you should evaluate how much of your time you’d be willing to devote to it. After all, you are a busy college student. The less time you have, the more you should consider a low-maintenance pet. If you really want a close companion, then maybe a dog would suit you. Want a pet that doesn’t mind being a loner? Then try a cat.

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