Study Abroad: Why? How? Where?

One of the greatest opportunities a college student can take advantage of is enrolling in a study abroad program at his or her university. What better time is there for someone to travel the world and live in another country for a relatively low cost and get an education while doing so? If you haven’t considered studying abroad, you should certainly visit your university’s study abroad office to at least take a look at some programs. Here are three questions to ask yourself about it.


Well, because studying abroad exposes you to new cultures, new places, and new people. Studying abroad allows you to get a sense of the enormous size of the world and the diversity of its population. In a way, studying abroad can give you some context in which to situate your own life. You can begin to understand how your life works in connection to the lives of people within your community, your country, and the world.


Usually your university will determine the specifics of your program and how you can go through with it. The general thing to keep in mind is that you should plan far in advance of your actual trip. Make sure you can get credits to transfer from the study abroad university. Start saving money and create a budget for yourself. Buy your plane tickets and take care of your room and board in advance. Often, many programs will do all or some of these things for you, but you should do your own preparation as well.


Often, the ‘where’ of your study abroad experience will be determined by whatever foreign language you’re most familiar with; however, this is not always the case. You could consider a country or university based on what about its culture or curriculum could best help your own education. You could also consider what countries you think you might not ever get to visit again. Or you could consider what country might be the most fun or exotic or travel-friendly. Whatever your considerations, make sure they fit into all the goals you hope to accomplish through your study abroad program. Have fun!


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