What Not to Bring to College

Sometimes determining what items to bring to college and what items can stay home can be somewhat of a challenge. While you don’t want to forget anything and want to be prepared for every situation, bringing too much stuff can cause a lot of problems, not just for you, but also for your roommate. Dorm room equals tiny living space, remember? While leaving your scuba gear and collection of newspaper clippings is just common sense, here are some practical things that you can do without in college.

As sad is it may sound, personal CDs, movies, and books just take up a lot of valuable shelf space and chances are you won’t even have time to read or watcj any of them. Reading for pleasure in college is somewhat of a luxury and many few who want to maintain any sort of social life find it extremely difficult to be able to read both personal and textbooks. While it’s ok to bring some DVDS for a rainy day, only bring a few. Again, these take up space and chances are you won’t care to see a movie you’ve seen 10 times before on a Saturday night.

You might be a music buff, but stereos take a lot of space and chances are you won’t be able to blast your music that loudly anyway, depending on the rules and regulations of your dorm. Listen to your music on your laptop and iPod instead.

Many dorms already emphasize that pets are forbidden, but that doesn’t mean people still don’t try to sneak in small hamsters, rabbits and snakes. Have respect for your roommate and don’t surprise them with any furry creature or reptile. Colleges don’t permit animals in their residence halls for a reason, so leave your pets at home.

While you would think that leaving firearms and drugs at home would be a given, some students still try to sneak these items into the dorm room as well. If caught, expect to risk expulsion and possibly criminal charges.

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