What to Bring to College

Packing for college can be a difficult task. While you want to pack your entire life into your small suit case, it’s not happening. Mr. Snuggles, your stuffed bear, and your letterman jacket can definitely stay home. So what do you bring? The necessities. Below are just some common things that can prove quite useful during your college adventures.

While you might’ve wore heels and dress shoes in high school, you’re going to want to be as comfortable as possible when attending college classes. You’ll have to walk long distances in sometimes extreme weather and it’s best to pack a lot of loose clothing and sneakers that you can move around in. Depending on how often you plan to go out, it’s also a good idea to pack a variety of party clothes, but ladies hold back on the formal dresses. Unless you’re involved in an organization that hosts banquets, chances are you won’t need any formal attire – not during your first year, at least.

Speaking of extreme weather, it’s a good idea to pack a swimsuit, umbrella, rain boots, heavy jacket and scarf. While temperatures may be mild when you start school, the weather will change and you need articles of clothing that will keep you warm and dry. You’ll need to bring a good pair of flip flops as well if are forced to share a communal shower in the dorms. Not all of the showers get cleaned properly and because so many students use it, getting foot fungus is very common. As a general rule, always shower with your flip flops.

While most school supplies can be purchased at school, don’t waste money by buying things you already have a home such as a dictionary, calculator, USB flash drive, ethernet cable, stapler and blank CDs. Bringing a few cleaning supplies from home is also wise. It’s also good idea to bring some memories of home in case you get homesick, but don’t overdo it. A framed photo of your family or loved one usually will suffice. Don’t forget to bring your digital camera if you have one to make new memories. Bringing a roll of quarters to do laundry is also advised. But, as students don’t always get around to doing their laundry that often, it’s also best to bring an extra pair of linens.

Some miscellaneous items that may also be useful are: a bottle opener, hammer, screwdriver, can opener and power strip.

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