100 Best Science Twitterers

By Caitlin Smith

Just about everyone is on Twitter these days-celebrities, businesses, and even astronauts. You’ll also find lots of people that work in and support science, and they have lots to share. Check out our list to find 100 of the best scientific people to follow on Twitter.


These Twitter folk offer a general look at science.

  1. @sciencemuseum: @sciencemuseum works to bring science to life and life to science.
  2. @TheCuriousMind: @TheCuriousMind asks, “Got Science?”
  3. @sciandthecity: @sciandthecity is the public gateway to the New York Academy of Sciences.
  4. @dailyplanetshow: @dailyplanetshow offers a daily science show.
  5. @sciencejobs_uk: Find science jobs in the UK and science news from around the world. here.
  6. @NOVAonline: NOVAonline promises to blow your mind.
  7. @2020science: @2020science is the science advisor to the Project on Emerging Nanotech.
  8. @EuroSpaceAgency: Here you’ll find the stream of Europe’s space agency.
  9. @PacSci: @PacSci is a not for profit foundation that works to inspire interest in science, technology, and math.
  10. @SFScience Museum: South Florida’s science museum discusses exhibits and more.
  11. @nysci: This museum encourages visitors to explore biology, chemistry and physics.


You’ll get a look into technology by following these Twitterers.

  1. @newscientist: This publication is the world’s only science and technology weekly.
  2. @Padmasree: @Padmasree is the CTO of Cisco.
  3. @Wired: Here you’ll find the official Twitter feed of Wired magazine.
  4. @NextGenScience: @NextGenScience is all about the intersection of science, technology, and information.
  5. @krelnik: @krelnik is a software engineer, skeptic, and fan of science.
  6. @glwallace: Larry Wallace is a professional executive in the wireless and online media industries.
  7. @cheeky_geeky: @cheeky_geeky is a writer for O’Reilly and a number of other technology publications.
  8. @thetechherald: This online magazine specializes in tech, science, security, and more.
  9. @AmericanElement: Follow @AmericanElement for nanotechbiology, alternative energy, lasers, robotics, and more.
  10. @alexismadrigal: This Tweeter is a Wired energy and science staff writer.


Stay on top of science in the news with these Twitterers.

  1. @sciam: Scientific American Magazine has been sharing science news for over 150 years.
  2. @sciencebase: @sciencebase is a writer in sci-tech journalism.
  3. @geologynews: Follow @geologynews to get the latest and greatest geology news from around the world.
  4. @scottdodd: Scott Dodd is a NRDC web editor and freelance science writer.
  5. @nytimesscience: From NY Times Science, you’ll learn about science, environment, space, and cosmos news.
  6. @chronsciguy: @chronsciguy offers interesting and level headed science reporting.
  7. @NextwaveRay: Nextwave offers news aggregation in science and technology.
  8. @VeronicaMcG: Veronica is a NASA-JPL news journalist.
  9. @ScienceChannel: The Science Channel offers breaking science and technology news.
  10. @science: @science offers science news from Science News Blog.
  11. @DiscoveryChPR: @DiscoveryChPR offers news from the Discovery Channel.
  12. @danwhnt: @danwhnt is the guy who interrupts your TV for tornado warnings.


These Twitter users are involved in scientific research.

  1. @argonne: Argonne is one of the Department of Energy’s largest research centers.
  2. @peterschick: The Peter Schick Foundation researches for the eradication of HIV/AIDS.
  3. @attilacsordas: @attilacsordas is a research scientist, biotech geek, and a coder.


Follow these Twitter users to learn about the world of health.

  1. @PharmaDeals: Find the most comprehensive pharmaceutical and biotechnology deals database from @PharmaDeals.
  2. @NIHforHealth: The NIH works to make important medical discoveries every day.
  3. @thpeppermntleaf: Amanda Snead works on nutrition research and biochemistry.
  4. @KarenLangston: Karen Langston is a nutritionist and functional medicine expert.
  5. @JohnsHopkins: Follow the tweets of Johns Hopkins University here.
  6. @ctorgan: @ctorgan is a health scientist, and eHealth strategist.
  7. @komenforthecure: Komen for the Cure is an organization that works to end breast cancer forever.
  8. @drsalzmann: Dr. Daniel Salzmann is a physician in medical transalation interested in science, medicine, and traveling.
  9. @thefuckingcure: This team of people has the cure for cancer.
  10. @PharmaTV: PharmaTelevision is an online TV channel for pharmaceuticals and biotechnology.
  11. @HutchinsonCtr: @Hutchinson is a cancer research center.
  12. @wholescience: This online magazine is all about the potential power of the human mind.
  13. @stanford_humsci: Here you’ll find the Stanford University School of Humanities and Sciences.


Stay up to date on the environment and green living by following these Twitterers.

  1. @GreenProgress: @GreenProgress has the latest green technology and environmental science news and resources.
  2. @KQEDScience: Here you’ll find science and environmental coverage.
  3. @greennews: @greennews offers information on the latest in green developments.
  4. @ClimateChangeFx: Find climate change facts with links to major organizations from @ClimateChangeFx.
  5. @globalwarming: Follow @globalwarming to learn about global warming, climate change, and environment news.


These Twitter users are involved in science education.

  1. @SciSolutions: Through @SciSolutions you can get help with your research and experiments.
  2. @mabsj2: @mabsj2 is a science and technology enthusiast working toward a BSc degree in bio chemistry, zoology, and botany.
  3. @MDWSmith: @MDWSmith has made the move from IT consultant to molecular biology PhD student.
  4. @AHAScience: Learn about science news from the American Heart Association.
  5. @cephalopodcast: The cephalopodcast shares science education and ocean information.
  6. oBryan: This higher education admin wants to talk about gadgets, science, outer space, statistics, technology, and more.
  7. @Robert_Peterson: Robert Peterson is a scientist at UNC-Chapel Hill.
  8. @Boraz: Find science communication through @Boraz.
  9. @ScienceChicago: @ScienceChicago works to help connect kids and parents to fun family educational events and activities in science.
  10. @pulseproject: @pulseproject podcasts university lectures and courses.
  11. @calacademy: @calacademy explores, explains, and protects the natural world.
  12. @ColoScienceMom: This mother of two loves science and works at a science education company.
  13. @samharrelson: Sam Harrelson is an 8th grade science teacher, dad, geek, and Einstein fanboy.
  14. @cbrannon: @cbrannon is a learning facilitator of 6th grade earth and space science.
  15. @starstryder: @starstryder communicates about astronomy in academia.
  16. @atAMNH: Find a sense of discovery in @atAMNH.


Check out these Twitter users if you’re interested in physics.

  1. @AboutPhysics: Here you’ll find the About.com Physics guide.
  2. @sgourley: @sgourley is a physicist, decathlete, and political advisor.
  3. @materion: @materion is a common sense quantum physicist.


Explore space through these Twitter users.

  1. @BadAstronomer: Follow @BadAstronomer to learn about the latest interesting happenings in astronomy.
  2. @RobertCurrey: Robert Currey is an astrocartographer and astrologer.
  3. @SpaceCenterHou: Check out Space Center Houston, the official visitors’ center of the NASA Johnson Space Center.
  4. @AronSora: @AronSora loves space habitation and shares news about the field.
  5. @UniGalactic: This print magazine covers space tourism, space travel, and exploration industries.
  6. @SpaceFellowship: The International Space Fellowship is dedicated to the development of the aerospace industry.


You’ll learn all about biology from these Twitterers.

  1. @BiologyAnswers: Find answers to your biology questions from @BiologyAnswers.
  2. @wjjessen: @wjjessen is a cancer biologist and bioinformatician.
  3. @Biotechnology: This Twitter feed offers information on all things biotech.
  4. @archaeology: @archaeology is an ex-archaeologist and About.com guide.
  5. @rvidal: @rvidal is an engineer in the biomedical field, DNA Network co-founder, science 2.0 enthusiast, and community liason at Medeley.com.


These Twitter users offer a unique look into psychology.

  1. @BetterMinds: Dr. Bruce Alexander is a hypnotherapist and former medical research scientist.
  2. @PsychBrownBag: This online magazine discusses the use of science in clinical psychology.
  3. @DrShock: Dr Shock is a Dutch psychiatrist working in a University hospital.


These Twitter users are science people you might recognize from the media.

  1. @donttrythis: @donttrythis is Adam Savage from TV’s Mythbusters.
  2. @WeirdSciBlog: Learn about weird science facts from @WeirdSciBlog.
  3. @scifri: Science Friday is a science radio program for NPR.
  4. @astroengine: @astroengine is a producer for Discovery Space.
  5. @BBC_Earth: @BBC_Earth is a one stop shop for science and nature news.
  6. @carlzimmer: Carl Zimmer is a science writer whose most recent book is Microcosm.
  7. @BrianDunning: Brian Dunning is the host and producer of Skeptoid, a podcast that analyzes pop phenomena.
  8. @Horselover_Fat: Phillip K. Dick is an American science fiction novelist, short story writer, and essayist.
  9. @grantimahara: Grant is a robot builder, modelmaker, and TV host on Mythbusters.


See how government is using science through these Twitter feeds.

  1. @ArmedwScience: The Department of Defense shares science and technology topics through @ArmedwScience.
  2. @oceanservice: The NOAA National Ocean Service is the US federal science agency for oceans and coasts.
  3. @CDC_eHealth: CDC eHealth Marketing offers science based health and safety information.
  4. @BILL_ROMANOS: Bill is an attorney specializing in science and related subjects.

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