Mini-Semesters: How They Can Accelerate Your Education

Do you wish you could find a way to graduate in three years? Are you anxious to get out into the job market and make some money? Do you want to enter a graduate program as early as possible? Well, there are several options you can pursue in order to do this, one of which is to take advantage of mini-semesters offered at your school. If you’re unfamiliar with mini-semesters at your university, then you should definitely keep reading.

A mini-semester is a compressed academic term that offers to students an accelerated course schedule. Often these mini-semesters occur over the summer and during winter breaks, when most of the campus is quiet. They are unique because they compress a lot of credits into a short amount of time. Some students, if they play it right, can get a full semester’s worth of credit over the course of one of these mini-semesters, thus enabling them to jump a year’s worth of status and graduate early.

However, before you sign up, make sure you’re willing to undergo the stress and pressure of one of these semesters, especially if you try to take a full load of classes. These mini-semester courses meet four to five days a week, often for three hours at once, which means you are on campus and in the classroom for a long time. Every night you will have to do homework, and due to the short length of these terms, you will have less time to complete big projects. These semesters are very rigorous and are not for the faint-hearted student.

If you can handle the workload, then you might also be able to take advantage of the unique opportunities some of these mini-semesters offer. For example, because these mini-semesters occur during breaks, they allow certain professors to teach courses they wouldn’t usually teach if their students were in school full time. Some professors take their students on trips. Others send their students to study abroad at other universities. Students can use the mini-semester to do a summer internship in a distant city. It’s these mini-semester courses that are often most rewarding, so students should definitely not hesitate to take advantage of the opportunity they offer.

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