How to Make Friends in College

In college, you’ll be surrounded by thousands of people every day. But despite the swarms of people, it can still be hard when it comes to trying to make new friends, especially if you’re a shy person. Where do you start to get to know the people that will make your college experience a positive and memorable one? Below are some tips on how to make friends in college.

During your first few weeks of every semester, organizations will heavily promote and try to recruit new students to join their clubs. This is a perfect opportunity for you to experience something fun and meet new people who share similar interests as you. Some of these friendships may only exist when you attend meetings; some may be long-lasting. You might even meet someone you’re romantically interested in. Whatever the case, joining a club is the best way to meet people who are like you.

In high school, you were given ample opportunities to converse with fellow classmates. Unless you’re in a smaller or intimate class, there isn’t a lot of talking allowed in college classes. Regardless, try to get to know those who are sitting near you and your area either before class or when the professor encourages you to get with a partner for a mini in-class or outside project. Not only will it make coming to class a more pleasant experience because you have someone to talk to, but you can also get a study buddy out of it. Studying and talking outside of class will allow you to get to know this person and who knows? Maybe you’ll want to hang out with them more often. But whatever you do, it’s important that you attend class. You won’t get the chance to meet new people if you’re never there.

You won’t meet new people staying at home by yourself watching old reruns of Family Guy. Go attend events and parties hosted on campus, even if you go by yourself. Since it’s a more relaxed atmosphere, people are more prone to be friendly and talk to strangers. And talk away, with whomever. Chances are people who are at these events are trying to the exact same thing you are: meet new people and make new friends. On a similar note, if you are more of a homebody and don’t like to socialize too much, at least get to know your roommate(s) and neighbors. Not only can friendships blossom from just proper introductions, but your roommates and neighbors can also introduce you to their own personal friends as well.

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