Creating a Study Space in Your Home for Your Online Classes

Many college students who take classes online enjoy the prospect of going to school outside the confines of a classroom. However, if your apartment or office is not conducive to online studies, you could find yourself getting distracted, frustrated or fatigued learning from home. It’s important to create a study space in your home that can help you concentrate on your work, finish your assignments more quickly and learn more effectively.

Your best option is to convert a spare bedroom into a home office, complete with a spacious desk, computer and any other supplies you need all in one place. This desk doesn’t have to be expensive, but it should be expansive—large enough for you to spread your textbooks and other reading material out in front of you. A comfortable chair for sitting for long periods of time is essential. The room’s decorations should be spare, so as to have less items to distract you from your focus. Finally, make sure that the room has plenty of lighting. While I don’t recommend having your desk directly in front of a window because of potential outdoor distractions, definitely arrange your desk so that it receives plenty of available natural light. If you’re studying in the evening, have a quality lamp or two on hand to flood the room with plenty of light.

Even if you don’t have a spare bedroom you can convert, it’s still important to have your study space separate from areas in your home that you use for relaxation, entertainment or sleep, such as your living room or bedroom. Many students use their living room coffee tables as their desk, placing their laptop on it and sitting Indian style on the floor while the television blares in front of them. Doing this puts your body in an uncomfortable position in which to sit for a long periods of time; you will be constantly fidgeting to adjust your back and legs and distracted by the television. Your bed is another terrible idea for a study space, as your body can quickly go into nap or sleep mode, causing you to lose your focus. You will also have no place to rest your back. Your best options in this situation are the kitchen table or a desk and chair set apart from your couch and television area.

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