100 Places to Find Your Next Great Read

By Caitlin Smith

Whether you’re into classics, mysteries, or a fluffy romance novel, it can sometimes be a challenge to find new books to fall in love with. However, the Internet is full of great sites that can help you get connected with books that you’ll really enjoy reading. Check out these communities, review sites, and other outposts of quality books to discover great stories.


Discuss books you love, swap titles, and share your opinion on these sites.

  1. LibraryThing: Join this community of book lovers to catalog your books and find out what others are reading.
  2. BookTalk: On BookTalk, you’ll find an online reading group and book discussion forum that can help you discover new books.
  3. Goodreads: Use Goodreads to get book recommendations, keep track of what you’re reading, and socialize over books.
  4. Listal: On Listal, you can list, rate, and discover books and other media.
  5. Scribd: Find out what documents others are reading on Scribd.
  6. BookMooch: Using BookMooch, you can exchange books with other members.
  7. BookJetty: BookJetty will help you keep track of your books, see what others are reading, and check availability at your local library.
  8. BookCrossing: BookCrossing offers "catch and release" used books, allowing you to share what you’ve read and discover new reads along the way.
  9. SwapTree: In this community, you’ll be able to trade your books and other items.
  10. Shelfari: Build a virtual bookshelf, see what others are reading, and discover new books through Shelfari.
  11. BookMesh: Use BookMesh to experience your city’s book culture by connecting with other book lovers, book clubs, events, and more.
  12. Reader2: You can find new books to read and put your reading list online with Reader2.
  13. lib.rario.us: This site makes it easy to create a social catalog of your favorite books and discover what others love.
  14. aNobii: You can create and find book lists within this reading community.
  15. WhatsOnMyBookshelf?: This site offers readers a way to trade books with a simple point system.
  16. Revish: Read, review and share books with other Revish members.


Use these search sites to carefully locate the book you want to find.

  1. WorldCat: Through WorldCat, you’ll be able to find items in libraries near you.
  2. Google Book Search: You can search, collect, share, and discover new books with Google Book Search.
  3. BookHitch: This gateway to books will allow you to search through thousands of publishers and authors to find a great read.
  4. AddALL: AddALL offers a smart way to search and compare prices on books.
  5. Bookspace: Hennepin County Library’s bookspace offers a smart way to search for books based on authors you like, and great links to even more resources that can help you discover books.
  6. BookFinder: With the help of this site, you can search for new, used, out of print, and rare books.

Book Finders

With the help of these websites, you can find the book you’re searching for.

  1. Shortcovers: This book is designed to make it easy for you to find your next great read.
  2. Scholastic Book Wizard: Using this wizard, you can find the perfect book for a certain grade level, topic, and more.
  3. Book Sale Finder: This site will help you keep an ear to the ground for book sales.
  4. Based on the Book: You’ve seen the movie, now read the book. Find your favorite books that became movies with this tool.
  5. The BookHive: The BookHive features books for kids ranging from beginner chapter books to science fiction and summer reading.
  6. DailyLit: Use DailyLit to browse for books by author, title, category, and more, and then read daily through RSS or email.


Get recommendations for award winning books, bestsellers, and more.

  1. Overbooked: This resource for ravenous readers offers booklists, hot lists, starred reviews, and more.
  2. Great Books Index: Check out this index to find online great books in English.
  3. New York Times Best Sellers: Here you’ll find the New York Times Best Seller List.
  4. Booklist Center: You can find the world’s largest collection of book lists right here.
  5. Great Books and Classics: Great Books and Classics offers a gateway to great books online.


Read and download books for free on these sites.

  1. Bored.com: Bored.com features more than 10,000 free books to help you pass the time.
  2. Authorama: Authorama features more than 100 free books from a number of different authors.
  3. Librivox: LibriVox offers recorded chapters of books in the public domain.
  4. Questia: Questia boasts more than 5,000 free books, including rare works.
  5. Spoken Alexandria Project: This audio book library offers public domain classics and more.
  6. Chest of Books: On Chest of Books, you’ll find hundreds of free nonfiction books.
  7. Ebook Lobby: You can find lots of free nonfiction books through this site.
  8. World Public Library: Get thousands upon thousands of PDF eBooks in more than 100 languages.
  9. Ficton.us: Visit Fiction.us to find full length novels, poetry, and more.
  10. The Online Books Page: Check out this page to find over 35,000 free books on the web.
  11. Public Bookshelf: Check out this online library to find classic and modern works.
  12. Books Should Be Free: You’ll find an excellent collection of audio books on this site.
  13. FullBooks: This site offers thousands of books in fiction and nonfiction.
  14. Public Literature: Public Literature is full of free books, plays, and more, from the classics to modern works.
  15. Book Stacks: On Book Stacks, you can find a number of ebooks that can be read online or by using PDF.
  16. Project Gutenberg: Be sure to pay a visit to Project Gutenberg, where you’ll find an impressive collection of open source and copyright expired works.
  17. Classic Authors: Check out Classic Authors to get access to a bunch of free, HTML classic books.
  18. The Literature Network: You’ll get access to thousands of pieces of literature, author biographies, and more through the Literature Network.
  19. Gilead: Pay a visit to Gilead for translations of fairy tales and stories by Hans Christian Andersen.
  20. ManyBooks: ManyBooks boasts a collection of more than 20,000 free books that can be read on a PDA, iPod, or other mobile device.
  21. Page by Page: Visit this site to get access to hundreds of classic books.


These sites will provide you with informed opinions about different books out on the market today.

  1. Hip Librarians Book Blog: Check out the Hip Librarians blog to find books that librarians like.
  2. Book Review: On this site, you’ll be able to find a database of book reviews and author interviews.
  3. Booklist Online: Booklist Online offers book reviews from the American Library Association.
  4. The New York Review of Books: This site offers reviews of all kinds of books.
  5. A Striped Armchair: This blog offers reviews of the blogger’s current readings.
  6. NPR Books: NPR offers book reviews, news, and author interviews.
  7. BookPage: Here you’ll find the online edition of BookPage, an excellent source for book reviews.
  8. Smart Bitches, Trashy Books: Find fun reviews of romance novels on this blog.
  9. Salon Books: Read Salon’s Book section to find author inteviews, book reviews, and book news.
  10. Shvoong: Find summaries and short reviews for books and more on Shvoong.
  11. Sunday Book Review: The New York Times offers a look at new books every Sunday.
  12. AllReaders: Find detailed book reviews on the AllReaders site.
  13. BookSpot: Be sure to visit BookSpot to find book reviews, awards, lists, and more.
  14. Bookideas: Bookideas offers book reviews in all categories.
  15. Review a Day: Find a new review each day on this site.
  16. ForeWord: ForeWord offers independently published reviews of good books.
  17. CNN Book Reviews: CNN takes a look at current books.
  18. Amazon Listmania: On Listmania and other parts of the Amazon site, you can find lots of recommendations for great books.


Follow these book blogs to find recommendations, news, reviews, and current book readings.

  1. Blog of a Bookslut: This popular blog offers reviews, book news, and more.
  2. Powell’s Books Blog: Get book news, author guest bloggers, and more from this publisher’s blog.
  3. A Work in Progress: Dani Torres shares adventures in reading.
  4. Books: The New York Times book blog highlights new releases, best sellers, and more.
  5. The Book Lady’s Blog: This blogger works as a bookseller and bookstore event planner, sharing her love of reading and excellent books.
  6. Maud Newton: Maud Newton covers literary links, amusements, politics, and rants.
  7. Book Club Girl: Book Club Girl shares great books and more with other book club girls everywhere.
  8. The Book Oven: This blog is about books and text in the digital age.
  9. The Big Bad Book Blog: Find fun commentaries, useful insights, and more from this blog written by the Greenleaf Book Group.
  10. BookBlog: Visit Adina Levin’s blog to learn about books Adina’s been reading, as well as social software and other stuff.
  11. Bookninja: Bookninja offers a look at the latest happenings in the world of books.
  12. Inside Google Book Search: This blog from Google Book Search highlights recent interesting finds.
  13. Scandinavian Crime Fiction: This blog celebrates high quality crime fiction that is being translated into English from Scandinavian countries.
  14. How books got their titles: On this blog, you’ll learn about the stories behind book titles.
  15. Books Blog: Guardian’s book blog highlights authors, literature history, and more.
  16. Beattie’s Book Blog: This blogger shares what he’s reading and what is currently impressing him.
  17. DogEared Book Blog: Young adults offer their reviews of books on National Geographic Kids.
  18. Confessions of an Idiosyncratic Mind: On this blog you’ll find crime fiction and more.
  19. Bookride: Bookride offers a guide to the most wanted and collected books.
  20. Kate’s Book Blog: Read the blog to learn about books that make the blogger think.
  21. Readers Read: Check out Readers Read to find a book blog, book reviews and other book resources.
  22. So Many Books: This blog discusses the agony and ecstacy of a reading life.
  23. Used Books Blog: Find out what this blogger in the book industry is currently reading.
  24. Classical Bookworm: On Classical Bookworm, you’ll find news, reviews, and more for classical books.


These online bookstores are great resources for finding out what books are for sale these days.

  1. AbeBooks: Find new, used, rare, and out of print books on AbeBooks.
  2. Alibris: Snap up some interesting finds and share a few of your own in this marketplace.
  3. Hard to Find Books: Check out this bookstore to find new, used, and rare fiction.
  4. Barnes and Noble: One of the biggest names in books, Barnes and Noble can provide you with an excellent variety of books to check out.

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